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10 Ways Spa Visits Promote Good Health

This is a topic I could write and talk about endlessly. Spa services like facials in years past have been looked at by many as a way to pamper yourself in a somewhat superficial way. It was considered something that you “treated” yourself to on occasion. You may have been noticing that in recent years there has been a shift with the popularity of healthy mind body practices- including self-care, stress relief, and relaxation. These practices that were once looked at as something we indulged in on a special occasion have since been studied further and their benefits of mental, emotional, and physical health are better understood.

1. Reduce stress

Having spa treatments such as facials, body treatments, and infrared sauna sessions stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system and reduce cortisol levels. When this happens, our heart rate slows, our blood pressure decreases, and our digestion improves. When the body enters this state of relaxation, it starts to repair itself. It isn’t always possible to eliminate stress completely in our lives, but these type of stress relief techniques can help you control your reaction to stress and improve strength and calmness.

2. Improve Sleep

Spa activities activate the relaxation response which feels great- and by helping your mind and body calm down, your ability to get a restful night’s sleep improves. Infrared saunas have also been known to contribute to improved sleep by increasing blood flow and oxygen metabolism in the muscles and skin as well as cardiovascular benefits, similar to how exercise can help improve sleep.

3. Improve Mood

Spa therapies such as facials, body treatments, and infrared sauna sessions help improve your mood by encouraging the autonomic nervous system to release feel good endorphins, serotonin, and dopamine. The calming atmosphere at the spa such as the herbal aromas, dimmed lighting and soft candles, and soothing music help the mind and body enter a state of calm and relaxation, reducing stress and anxiety.

4. Detoxification

Sweating is one the body’s safest and most natural health remedies, which is why infrared sauna detox is used as an alternative medicine treatment. Research has shown that the body sweats out toxin build-up, including heavy metals and metabolic waste, helping us maintain the health of our cells that that manage nutrients and minerals that lead to radiant health.

5. Boosts Energy

Taking the much-needed time away from our overactive lives to slow down and restore will give us a renewed energy to focus on our families, work, and lives. Burn out is a realistic side effect of a fast passed lifestyle. Without taking the time to relax, de-stress, and rejuvenate, we experience symptoms like irritability, mood problems, and low energy. Chronic stress can also lead to physical disease including heart disease as well as depression and anxiety. Finding restorative and relaxing ways to rejuvenate regularly like going to the spa will help relieve stress and boost energy levels.

6. Healthy Radiant Skin

Glowing skin is not only a result of a good skin care regimen, but also a healthy lifestyle. This includes mental and emotional wellness. Our skin is our largest organ and is exposed to the outside world- reflecting what is going on on the inside. Stress, depression, and anxiety shows up in various ways in our skin from acne, to dullness and dryness. By visiting the spa and receiving wellness and skin health focused treatments designed to reduce stress, improve blood flow, and rejuvenate mind body health, you will be looking and feeling your best and it will radiate through your skin.

7. Strengthen Your Immune System

There are various ways regular visits to the spa help strengthen your immune system. At citron our holistic approach includes infrared sauna sessions, rejuvenating and stress relieving facials and body treatments, and cold refreshing ginger elixirs. Infrared saunas strengthen the immune system by increasing body temp which stimulates heat shock proteins that deter viruses and reduces inflammation. Our facials are designed with a focus on deep relaxation and stress relief which help the body enter a state of “rest and digest” where it is best able to heal itself and fight infection. Our seasonal spa treatments also incorporate local herbs, many of which contain immune boosting properties. Our nutritious Immune Shien Ginger Elixirs, enjoyed post treatment, are formulated to strengthen the immune system with gingerol, the bioactive compound found in raw ginger as well as with ginger’s antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

8. Relax Muscle Tension + Relieve Pain

Chronic pain can affect a person’s overall mental and emotional wellbeing. It is stressful to feel like you can’t fully relax due to pain on a regular basis. Regular visits to the spa can help by receiving stress relieving treatments and infrared sauna sessions. Infrared saunas help naturally reduce pain by increasing heat in the body which increases blood flow and oxygen to the muscles, creating energy to heal.

9. Improve Confidence- The Look Good/ Feel Good Connection

Whether it’s improving acne, healthy aging, or just having an overall radiant healthy glow, it is proven that having self-love and confidence helps us move towards our lives’ goals and opportunities that we might otherwise shy away from if we don’t feel good about ourselves inside and out.

10. Weight Loss

There are a few ways the spa can help with weight loss. One of the leading causes of weight gain is stress-which leads to overeating. Having spa treatments like facials or relaxation body treatments will help reduce stress. Infrared sauna sessions also help reduce stress as well as working at a cellular level to expel toxins, increase metabolism, and burn calories.


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