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How to Build a Morning Spring Skincare Ritual for All Skin Types

There is something so refreshing and rejuvenating about spring. We declutter our homes, clean up our yards, update our wardrobes, and get outdoors more. It’s also a great time to reset our self-care plan and get back on track with wellness.

One of the most effective ways for me to feel a sense of mind body renewal is through self-care- a good workout outdoors, a detoxifying infrared sauna session, a deeply nourishing and stress relieving facial and hydrating body treatment, and a steamy eucalyptus shower- I’m a new woman.


It is also a good time to go through your calendar and make updates, making sure you have your self-care scheduled for the season. I like to plan ahead the time of day I will do my skincare ritual, which ends up being right after dinner, before I’m too tired. You can make your skincare ritual something you look forward to that benefits your skin health but can also to uplift you mentally and give you refreshed feelings of renewal, which is perfect for spring. I like to add botanical steam, a chilled gua sha, and aromatic steamed towels.


Most of us have a “skin type” that leans towards dry, oily, acne prone, sensitive, aging, or combination. However, our skin changes sometimes as often as daily and most all of us experience changes seasonally.


In general, in the spring we aren’t in need of heavy weight moisturizers like we are in the winter, so it’s a good idea to switch to a lighter weight hydrator. We also want to be sure we have a good SPF since we are spending more time outdoors. Overall, we want gentle products that aren’t addressing major dryness or oiliness since our skin is fairly balanced in the spring. If you still experience acne throughout the spring, I would recommend making some substitutions in these rituals which I will list below.


Morning Skincare Ritual

Start by making your shower more of a refreshing ritual by dry-brushing to stimulate the lymphatic system, open pores, and remove dead skin. You can also add some citrus essential oils like Lemon for a revitalizing spring shower if you'd like.

1.     Cleanse your skin with the Gentle Cream Cleanser (you don’t need anything too aggressive here since you just cleansed before bed).

For acne prone skin types: cleanse with Purifying Gel Cleanser

2.     Exfoliate your skin with the Brightening Polish

For acne prone skin types: exfoliate with Beta Clarity Pro 5 Liquid Exfoliant once out of the shower.

After your shower

3.     Tone with Phyto-Calm Flower Mist (for calming and hydrating)  or HA Revive Hyaluronic Mist (for ageless hydration)

For acne prone skin types: Tone with Phyto-Calm Flower Mist

4.     Apply a serum that addresses your skin goals like Hydra-Bright Vitamin C Drops (for environmental protection and aging), HA Revive Hyaluronic Drops (for plumping hydration), Bio Renew EGF Drops (for antiaging collagen), Hydra-Bright Alpha Arbutin Drops (for brightening), or Phyto Active Firming Serum (for aging)

For acne prone skin types: skip a serum during the day or try Phyto Calm Aloe Drops for irritation.

5.     Apply an eye cream like the Hydra-Bright Eye Cream

6.     Apply a lightweight moisturizer. The Hydra-Bright Hydrator is my all-time favorite day time moisturizer. It is brightening and contains a mineral luminosity that gives your skin a dewy, healthy, radiant glow.

For acne prone skin types: apply the Oil- Free Moisturizer

7.     Apply an SPF like Oil-Free SPF 40 or C-Shield Anti-Pollution Moisture Tint SPF 30

Enhance your home spring skincare ritual with a private infrared sauna session and Spring Awakening Facial.



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