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5 Tips to Achieve Your 2024 Skin Health Goals

Can you believe we are already a month into 2024? Time is flying by but it is not too late to get some skincare and wellness goals on the agenda for 2024. It's a fresh slate and we already have all the tools we need to make this year the healthiest, wealthiest, and most radiant one yet. Our team of skincare and wellness professionals at citron are here to support you in your journey every step of the way.

1.     Create a Skin Journal


Keeping a skin journal can help us better understand our skin’s specific needs and what lifestyle factors impact our skin both positively and negatively. Noting the specific foods you eat, stress level, sleep, and exercise in addition to facials and products used during your skin care regime can help you understand what is producing the specific outcomes in your skin.


2.     Embrace Skinamalism

I will be the first to say I pretty much own every Glo Skin Beauty product under the sun, but I do not use all of them every day. I know that my skin’s needs change daily and at different times throughout the day. I like being able to customize what I’m using based on what outcomes I am hoping for that day. I invest in skincare staples like hyaluronic acid, vitamin c and retinol, then stick to a pretty basic ritual throughout the week:


Morning Ritual

1.     Cleanse

2.     Tone

3.     Serum

4.     Moisturize

5.     Eye Cream

6.     SPF


Evening Ritual

1.     Cleanse

2.     Exfoliate (2 x’s per week)

3.     Mask (1-2 x’s per week)

4.     Tone

5.     Serum

6.     Moisturize

7.     Eye Cream


3.     Take a holistic approach

As we know, our skin reflects what is going on on the inside. Taking our mind, body, and spirit into consideration when addressing skin concerns and goals will help us achieve health and wellness that radiates from within- health is beauty. And isn’t the ultimate goal of looking good to feel good? That is why I put together the Wellness and Beauty Workbook- a guide to help you organize a wellness plan that can serve as a road map. It is rare to be 100% successful with our plans because basically, “Life happens while you’re making other plans.”. But I look at wellness as a lifestyle practice and not a destination so having an plan to come back to is key.


4.     Stay Consistent

Finding ways to stay consistent with your daily skincare rituals, monthly facials, and your wellness plan will pay off in noticeable results. I wrote blog on 5 Ways to Stay Consistent and Make Wellness a Lifestyle in 2024 if you need some ideas.


5.     Seek a Professional

Having a professional in our corner can save us time and frustration and help us reach our goals. If you need accountability and guidance with your wellness plan, a health coach can help offer that support. Seeing a professional licensed esthetician once or twice a month for a facial can provide professional skin feedback and recommendations, in addition to the personalized service tailored to your skin goals they provide. If you are experiencing a severe skin condition, we recommend seeing a dermatologist as well as a naturopathic doctor. We know that is some instances, medication may be needed but we also know there is always a root cause. A naturopathic doctor can help determine which diet and lifestyle modifications can be made to improve a variety of skincare and wellness challenges and provide sustainable results.


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