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5 Ways to Stay Consistent with Self-Care + Make Wellness a Lifestyle in 2024

All human beings can benefit from self-care and it becomes even more vital if you are a high-level exec, a mom, an athlete, a business owner, a professor, a student, or in any other demanding position. Each role has its own set of challenges that require optimum performance. If we are not nourishing, fueling, and recharging our minds and bodies we simply are not able to be the best version of ourselves required to achieve our daily goals.


Think about waking up, making yourself a nutrient rich smoothie to start your day, going for an energizing run, taking a couple of hours to go the spa to destress and rejuvenate, making a healthy dinner in a clean house, doing a little yoga before bed, getting a great night’s sleep, and waking up fully rested. The next morning you are in a state of health and vitality to take on your day, being fully present to experience the joys of life and gracefully handle any challenges that come up. Keeping up with this regular self-care on a consistent basis will truly become a healthy launchpad for living your dream life.


Tips to Stay Consistent


1.     Start small

Meet yourself where you’re at. If you are currently not working out at all, you might want to start with walking a few times a week rather that diving in to an hour workout 7 days a week at the gym. If time is a challenge maybe start with 10-15 minutes of yoga or mediation each day vs. 30 minutes.

2.     Use a google calendar + create a specific calendar for “self-care”

Find the time of day that you are most likely to follow through with your activity. For instance, if you are too tired to do your skincare ritual before bed, schedule it in right before dinner. If you have the most energy in the morning but by the end of the day you need some relaxation time, schedule cardio workouts in the morning and take a relaxing herbal steam bath in the evening. For self-care appointments like your facials, yoga classes, massages, or hair appointments, try making your next 6 resservations so that you have them in your calendar, avoiding the risk of forgetting or simply getting too busy with other things to make it happen.

3.     Connect new habits to something you're already doing

For instance, when you brush your teeth you could think about what you are grateful for, after you drink your coffee or matcha in the morning you could go for a run, while your kids are at soccer practice you could go to the gym, while you drive in the car you could listen to a wellness or personal development podcast, while you watch the Sunday morning news, you could create your meal plan for the week. While you do your skincare routine, you could focus on deep breathing or affirmations.

4. Get accountability

Accountability is one of the most effective ways to achieve goals. That is why we created the Lifestyle Memberships. A Lifestyle Membership holds you accountable to come to the spa once (or twice) per month to focus on your mental, emotional, and physical health. It gives you that standing appointment to rejuvenate, recharge, de-stress, all while achieving radiant skin health on a consistent basis.

This is also one of the biggest benefit of our health coaching program. A standing appointment with your health coach every two weeks ensures that you have someone checking in with you on your goals on a regular basis. You could even team up with a friend as an accountability partner.

5.  Discover your “why”

Getting very clear on why wellness and self-care is important to you versus just simply doing it because you think you should, will help make it personal and it will have more meaning. Your reason could be anything from wanting to be less stressed as a parent, having the vitality to accomplish your career goals, be a more patient loving spouse, lower your risk of illness, and more.



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