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8 Ways To Rejuvenate Your Mind + Body and Reach Your Potential This Spring

Before talking about the ways we can reach our potential, I think its important to know that as humans we all have goals, aspirations, and new levels of achievements we would like to reach- which is healthy, but throughout that journey, it's important to recognize that you are also enough and worthy just as you are.

Finding ways to be happy and grateful throughout the process of reaching new heights is essential and telling in terms of how happy we will inevitably be once you achieve what you're setting out to. Ultimately, our inner selves determine how we feel about our outside lives.

So, that should come first.

Next, reaching your potential could mean a variety of things to different people- it could mean reaching your career or business goals, but it could also mean reaching your goals for the type of parent you want to be, the type of partner you want to be, if you are an athlete you may have goals for a sport, or you’re in school trying to achieve a certain degree.

You may also simply just want to be your happiest, most mindful self to feel at peace and balanced in your own mind and body, able to be present and content in your day-to-day life.


All of these goals have action steps for HOW you will achieve them and these are very important, but the WHO required to achieve them is equally important.

There are various people like mentors, partners, and support systems that help in reaching our goals but ultimately, the most vital person responsible for reaching your potential, is YOU. So optimizing YOU should be the foundation of any goal you want to achieve. When you are optimized, your focus, energy, productivity, and determination all increase. You can get a lot more done in less time when you yourself, are optimized.


Spring is a wonderful time of year to take advantage of the restorative nature of the season. That brings us to ways you can rejuvenate your mind and body to optimize yourself and reach your potential.


1.      Have a Spa Day

You don’t need to travel far or attend a weeklong retreat to reap the benefits of an uplifting spa day. Right here in Wayland Square, Citron offers a uniquely personal boutique spa experience where attention to detail is its signature. Rustic nature meets modern science, providing a wellness journey beginning with calming, locally sourced herbal teas and nutritious spa waters, followed by a private detoxifying infrared sauna session, then a refreshing facial or body treatment with relaxation massage using healthy clean skincare, and concluding with a nourishing cold ginger elixir.


For a rejuvenating spring experience, we’d recommend the Spring Awakening Facial-designed to renew the skin and senses with Lemon Balm and Hibiscus, exfoliate dead skin with flower enzymes, brighten with clinically effective serums, nourish with stress relieving massage, and create a dewy glow with illuminating hydration. Fresh, local, hand crafted herbal infusions are combined with clinical Glo Skin Beauty products to deliver healthy, effective results, achieving balance inside and out. 


2. Revamp Your Self-Care Calendar

Just like spring cleaning in my home, I like to spring clean my calendar. What has been working well and what could be moved around to create more efficiency and room for essential self-care. I also ordered a “Daily Dairy Planner” that I will be trying to use for organization of my to-do’s. I have tried a few different methods and I am hoping that good old fashioned writing things down in a daily log will help.


3. Incorporate Some Outdoor Workouts

Planning outdoor exercises checks so many wellness boxes. I love that there are lots of options for everybody from walking, running, bikinig, and kayaking, to swimming, hiking, tennis, and more. If you live near the water, even better. It’s such a rejuvenating experience getting the endorphins flowing while taking in some sun and smelling the ocean air.



4. Incorporate Light, Fresh Meals Into Your Menu

The spring is a great time of year for grilling some lean protein like grass fed burgers and chicken with some veggies. I also love light fish meals with a little lemon and a big green salad. Food is ultimately your fuel and eating a healthy, balanced diet will be an essential part of creating that launchpad for optimizing yourself and reaching your potential.


5. Do Some Stress-Detoxing

Stress is not only responsible for 90% of all illnesses but it is the leading cause of burn out. There isn’t anything that can stop you in your tracks quicker than the exhaustion that comes with burn out. I recently recorded a podcast on how you can do a stress detox and kick it to the curb.


6. Revamp Your Wardrobe

Going through your closet and donating items that you no longer wear gives you a cleansing feeling that makes room for renewal. Even just a few new pieces can give you an updated feeling that ultimately carries over into how you feel going through your day.


7. Declutter/ Spring Clean

Your home environment has one of the biggest impacts on your mood, focus, and motivation. I can speak from experience as a mom of two, when my house is a mess, I feel overwhelmed and irritable and when it is clean, I am in a much better state of mind. It feels like I can organize my thoughts better as an entrepreneur and when things are unorganized, I feel that way inside. I also thrive in an environment that brings out my personality through the way I decorate. I love adding simple things like fresh flowers and candles to instantly uplift my mood.


8. Get social

The spring is a nice time of year to come out of hibernation and enjoy more activities with friends and family. Being connected to others is always an uplifting feeling. If you are anything like me, I am pretty middle of the road on the introvert/ extravert scale, so I do still need a good balance of social time and time for quiet relaxation so it’s important to listen to what you need even during the busy spring and summer months.



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