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What is dry brushing + what are the benefits?

I love how skin and body care rituals not only provide beautification but also make you feel refreshed, and rejuvenated, and provide time to relax and de-stress. Dry brushing is a wonderfully invigorating Ayurvedic ritual also known as Garshana that involves gently massaging the skin with a brush made from natural bristles (our dry brushes are made with plant-based sisal bristles). There are lots of health and beauty benefits to dry brushing.

Benefits Of Dry Brushing

May help stimulate the lymphatic system

Dry brushing has been used to stimulate lymph flow which helps the body rid itself of toxins and pathogens. Small sample sizes exist in academic research on how well dry brushing stimulates lymphatic drainage but Ayurveda has used these types of lymphatic massage techniques to restore balance in the body and immune system.

Removes dead skin

Massaging the skin with a dry brush helps remove dead skin cells, increasing cellular turnover, meaning new, healthy skin cells will develop to replace the dead ones.

Unclogs + opens pores

We love to pair dry brushing with an infrared sauna session to open the pores before your session, allowing toxins to be released through the pores, and making sweating more effective. We also include dry brushing in our body treatments. Opening the pores allows products like nourishing body oils to penetrate better into the skin.

May increase blood circulation

This pushes blood to affected areas, helping transport nutrients and remove waste products,

Promoting feelings of invigoration

Dry brushing can potentially stimulate the nerve endings in the skin and leave you feeling energized and refreshed.

Dry Brush Ritual

Dry brush daily before your shower or bath and before infrared sauna sessions.

Follow your shower with a nourishing body oil

How to dry-brush:

  • Start at your ankles and dry brush upward toward the heart.

  • As you get to your arms, begin at the hands and work upward.

  • First, swipe straight up using long strokes, then use work in a circular motion.

  • For the stomach, dry brush in a gentle clockwise direction.

  • Continue working your way toward the heart while brushing the back.

You can now reserve a private infrared sauna session with a take-home citron plant-based dry brush add-on.

You might also opt for one of our beautifying body treatments that include a full body dry brush session, a nourishing body oil relaxation massage, and an infrared sauna session (included with your treatment).



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