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Glo Skin Beauty Peel Guide- Which Peel is Best for You?

If you are trying to take your healthy glow to the next level, peels can be one of the best ways to give your skin an instant, more youthful radiant appearance.

Before you do a peel, I’m sure you’d like an overview of how peels work, which ingredients are in the peel we use, which peel is best for you, and is it ok to do a peel during any season?

How do peels work?

Acids within peels that alter the acidity of the skin from its normal level of around 5.5 to around a 3.8 pH level. Changing the pH level of the skin loosens the cells that bind dead skin and healthy skin. Once that bond is loosened, dead skin is exfoliated to reveal new, healthy skin cells underneath. This process also promotes new skin cell regeneration to continue the production of healthy skin cells.

Which ingredients are used?

Most of our peels contain alpha hydroxy acids or beta hydroxy acids.

Alpha hydroxy acids are derived from foods such as fruits, sugar cane, and milk. The most popular alpha hydroxy acids include lactic acid, glycolic acid, mandelic acid, citric acid, and malic acid. These acids exfoliate the skin and help with texture, hyperpigmentation, and acne.

Beta hydroxy acid includes salicylic acid and it is derived from willow bark. Salicylic acid treats acne, oily skin, and skin irritations. Alpha hydroxy acids exfoliate the skin while beta hydroxy acids cleanse the pores by dissolving oils, dirt, and debris within them.

Which seasons are safe to do a peel?

You can do a peel any time of year with proper after-care. SPF is a must and if you are having a higher level peel, it is recommended that you do not go into direct sun for at least a week, especially during the hours of 10-2 when the sun is at its hottest. If you are planning outdoor activities, wearing a hat is a great idea.

Which peel is best for you?

If you are new to peels it is recommended that you begin with a level one or level two. These peels are also included in our Spring Awakening Facial, Glo Detox Facial, and Glo Ageless Beauty Facial. From there, your esthetician can create a customized treatment plan based on your needs. If you have peels regularly, feel free to reserve the peel of your choice and your esthetician will customize based on the consultation prior to your peel.

Level One Peels

Flower Enzyme

Key Ingredients: Hibiscus flower extract, pumpkin extract, ficin

Ph: 3.5

Targets: Dullness, uneven texture Skin Type: All skin types except extremely sensitve

Frequency: Weekly

Level Two Peels


Key Ingredients:5% Salicylic acid, bromelain, papain

Ph: 3.3

Targets: Acne and breakouts Skin Type: Oily and combination skin including sensitive

Frequency: Weekly

HydraBright AHA Glow Peel

Key Ingredients: 20% Lactic acid, nopal cactus, allantoin

Ph: 2.5

Targets: Aging and hyperpigmentation Skin Type: Combination and dry skin including sensitive

Frequency: 2 times per month

Beta Clarity AHA Clarifying Peel

Key Ingredients: 20% Mandelic acid, salicylic acid, vitamin c

Ph: 2.0 - 2.7

Targets: Congestion + breakouts, visible pores, uneven tone

Skin Type: Oily and combination skin

Frequency: 2 times per month

Level 3 Peels

Glypro Resurfacing Peel

Key Ingredients: 30% Glycolic acid, phytic acid, niacinamide

Ph: 2.25

Targets: Fine lines + wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, visible pores

Skin Type: All skin types and concerns except sensitivity

Frequency: 2 times per month

Beta Clarity Peel

Key Ingredients: 30% Salicylic acid, niacinamide, astaxanthin

Ph: 2.24

Targets: Acne and breakouts; excellent for spot treating

Skin Type: Oily and combination skin

Frequency: Monthly

Level 4 Peels

GlyPro Power Peel+

Key Ingredients: 60% Glycolic acid, phytic acid, bilberry fruit extract

Ph: 2.0

Targets: Photo-aging and texture concerns; excellent for coarse, resistant skin Skin Type: All skin types

Frequency: Monthly

Retinol + C Peel Boost Max

Key Ingredients: 5% Retinol, vitamin C

Targets: All concerns Skin Type: All skin types and concerns except acne, breakouts and sensitivity

Frequency: 3-4 times per year

Triple Transformation Peel

Key Ingredients:14% Lactic acid, 14% salicylic acid, 14% resorcinol

Ph: 2.0

Targets: Very versatile, excellent for multiple concerns

Skin Type: All skin types and concerns except sensitivity

Frequency: 3-4 times per year

Level 5 Peels

TCA Clinical Reveal Peel

Key Ingrediens: 15% Trichloroacetic acid, mandelic acid, phytic acid

Ph: 1.17

Targets: Excellent for scarring

Skin Type: All skin types with aging, texture, and hyperpigmentation concerns

Frequency: 2-4 times per year



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