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5 Tips for a Spring Detox

Out with the old and in with the new! Spring is a time for renewal and refreshment. We crave light colors, cool drinks, healthier foods and spring cleaning. Over the winter we indulge in holiday foods and drinks and rich comfort foods that keep us feeling cozy. These foods help us feel grounded but can also lead to skin woes. Our liver tries to detox excess sugars, carbs, processed foods and liquor and when it can’t keep up, ultimately these toxins find their way out of our bodies through our skin. This can lead to clogging, acne and even aging. A little added detoxing can go a long way.

5 Tips for a Spring Detox

1. Spring Detox Facial

Our seasonal facial was designed strictly with Spring detoxification in mind. Purify the skin, detox and help draw out impurities, then give your skin a dose of hydration and a brightening boost. This treatment is formulated to target congestion, breakouts, dehydration and dullness, including an AHA exfoliation and a two part layering approach that combines the clinical benefits of Glo Skin Beauty Charcoal Detox mask and a local farm fresh chamomile, mint and lemon mask. Relaxing and detoxifying lymphatic drainage facial massage techniques are also included.

2. Spring Detox Body Remedy

Cleanse and detoxify with farm fresh ingredients. This refreshing treatment begins with a lymphatic- stimulating full body dry brushing, followed by a mineral rich, lemon, mint and chamomile sea salt scrub on the back and feet. A detoxifying, farm fresh lemon, mint, chamomile, honey and kaolin clay mask is then applied to the back and feet, drawing out toxins in the most congested areas. A light, hydrating massage is then performed on the full body with hot stones on the back, and a relaxing facial and scalp massage.

3. Dry Brush + Epsom Salt Bath

Epsom salt baths have many benefits. The hydrotherapy will de-stress and relax the body and the minerals in epsom salt draw out toxins from your pores, leaving you feeling refreshed and balanced. Dry brushing before your bath will help stimulate the lymphatic system and open the pores for added detoxification. Throw in some essential oils, soy candles and relaxing music and you’re golden.

4. Juice Cleanse

There are many benefits to a juice cleanse including liver detox, increase in energy and clear glowing skin. For a step-by-step guide to a juice cleanse you can read my blog, “Get Glowing , New Year Juice Cleanse”

5. Sweat and Re-hydrate

Exercise, saunas, steam baths and hot yoga are all great ways to rid the body of those toxins trying to escape through your skin. Be sure to rehydrate with fresh water (add lemon for added antioxidants for glowing skin!)



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