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Winter Healing for Skincare + Wellness

For the past three seasons we have been on the go. Maybe a little less than normal due to the current circumstances but for the most past Spring, Summer and even Fall are the seasons for outdoor get togethers, vacations and fun outings. Although enjoyable, this busyness can cause stress and lack of time for yourself. Winter invites us to slow down, recuperate and heal our bodies. We spend more time indoors at home cocooning in a sense. This is the perfect time to re-connect with ourselves and spend some time on self-care. The longer nights provide an opportunity for more sleep and the cooler days are perfect for long warm baths with your favorite aromatherapy. Time for reflection allows us to take a look at the foods we are eating, paying attention to whether they fuel our minds and bodies or make us feel lethargic and sluggish.

Winter is also a great season for skin-care. We can incorporate at-home winter appropriate skincare into our self-care rituals and take some time for ourselves at the spa. Our skin is in need of nurturement and hydration. We wanted to create a facial at Citron this season that would address the seasonal changes our skin, body and mind are experiencing. The cold temps and harsh winds take its toll, resulting in dull, dry, fine line and wrinkle prone skin. The indoor heat also dries our skin and bodies and lack of sunlight can affect our moods. This season of slowing down and reflection is a great time to focus on wellness lifestyle practices, being careful to drink enough water, use a humidifier, adjust your skin-care and have exfoliating and hydrating treatments that are uplifting to your mood.

Taking all this in mind, we created: The Winter Rejuvenation Facial.

This facial was created to rejuvenate your skin and your senses. The refreshing aroma of Eucalyptus used throughout the facial helps clear the mind and boost mood and energy levels. A combination of Aveda products exfoliate, rehydrate, and rejuvenate dry, dull winter skin. The Glo Skin Beauty Phyto-Active Firming masque will visibly lift and give your skin a radiance boost- creating soft, age-defying results. Winter blues and stress will melt away with our extensive relaxation massages: face, neck, shoulder, arm, scalp and a deeply moisturizing hand and foot massage with relief lotion and aromatic hot steamed towels. You will emerge a new person ready to take on your day with a rejuvenated spirit and glowing skin.

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