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What Types of Self-Care to Schedule Into Your Calendar + Why

For busy people, calendars and schedules can be your best friend. I know I’d be lost without mine. They help reduce stress and manage your time, keeping you organized with daily activities. Calendars are also a great tool to help you stay on track with your self-care and wellness goals. I personally like Google Calendar because of the color coding and ability to share the calendar with others.

I’ve broken down the different types of self-care to help you determine what types of self-care you can schedule into your calendar. I also listed some activities to schedule to give you a few ideas for each form.


Anything that improves physical health such as exercise, healthy diet, and detoxifying.


  • Weekly meal planning and meal prep

  • Weekly work-outs

  • Doctor appointments

  • Infrared sauna sessions

Mental + Emotional

Focus one mental and emotional health through stress management, positive self-talk and self compassion, and getting support.


  • Weekly journaling session with a cup of tea

  • Sunday calendar and time management review

  • Bi-weekly or monthly facial, massage, or reiki session

  • Nightly-weekly hot bath soaks with essential oils

  • Weekly-monthly therapy sessions

  • Daily 15 minute yoga sessions


Get in touch with your spirituality by making time for reflection and a connection to a greater good.


  • Daily 10-30 minute meditation (also considered mental and emotional)

  • If you are religious, time for prayer and attending your place of worship

  • Time to read (such as a bible, buddhism philosophies, etc,)

  • Time in nature


Maintain healthy relationships and social connections, healthy boundaries, and balance alone and social time.


  • A class or group with similar interests such as a book club or art class

  • Meet a friend for lunch or coffee

  • Virtual calls with friends and family that live far away

  • Family days


Activities that bring you joy, lift you up, and simply make you feel better.


  • Daily morning and evening skin-care rituals

  • Hobbies or try something new

  • Day at the spa

  • Hair appointments

  • Shopping for a new outfit


Focus on your home environment to create a clean, comfy space that reflects you and a style that brings you joy.


  • Daily/ weekly/ monthly, cleaning

  • Organize and declutter, donate goods you no longer need


Maintain your financial health and reach goals by staying organized with your finances.


  • Weekly- monthly budgeting and reviews


To be fulfilled in our careers it's important to have work-life balance, a passion/ purpose behind your work, and a growth path.


  • Skill development such as: take a class, listen to a podcast, read a book, get a mentor

We know who can help you with your "facials, infrared sauna sessions, and spa days", wink, wink. For bi-weekly accountability and support with all of the above try a free 30 minute consult with one of our health coaches.

Be well!



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