top tips and favorite products for acne

In the almost 20 years I have been an esthetician, acne has been one of the top concerns for my clients. You are not alone my friend! I know for me, quarantine has not helped. It has lead to more stress, baked goods and mask wearing (not the detoxifying green kind)- which in and of itself has lead to acne- I might just leave my mask on! Here are some of my tips and favorite acne products to help you through. Causes and Effects of Acne: 1. Hormones Hormonal acne occurs from hormonal shifts in our bodies. These shifts can occur during our teenage years, as we age, during menopause and during our menstrual cycle. The good news is, if you are getting acne in your 50's, it's a sign of youth and aging gracefully :). 2. Lifestyle Stress and diet contribute significantly to acne. When we are stressed, our body produces cortisol, which triggers the production of more sebum which leads to acne. Stress and diet hand go hand in hand. When we are stressed we tend to overeat and the wrong foods. No one gets stressed and chooses to binge on green beans instead of ice cream.We also might be stressed if we are busier which can also lead to quicker, unhealthy food choices. This increases the amount of toxins our liver needs to detox. When the liver can’t keep up, the next place the toxins excrete themselves is through the skin, resulting in acne. 3. Product Choice Choosing the right products for your skin can prevent you from experiencing irritation and acne. I recommend having a skin care consultation with your esthetician, who will suggest specific professional grade products that are b