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The Ultimate Skin + Wellness Combo: Exercise + Infrared Sauna

Do you ever notice how healthy your skin looks and how smooth it feels after a great workout? In the world of skincare and wellness, athletes experience multiple benefits from exercise such as healthy radiant skin and overall wellbeing. Infrared saunas help enhance these amazing skin and wellness benefits. Follow up with some good outer skincare practices and you're glowing inside and out.

Let’s start with exercise.

Skin + Wellness Benefits of Exercise

1. Exercise increases blood flow to the skin

2. Increases lymphatic flow which aids in detox

3. The mitochondria of the skin cells produce a chemical called ATP that is responsible for healthy skin function including keeping the skin looking youthful like producing collagen and hyaluronic acid. As we age mitochondria makes less ATP. The only therapy that has been known to help create more mitochondria is exercise

4. People who exercise have a thicker dermis; thinning of the dermis is associated with wrinkles and saggy skin

5. Exercise lowers stress and improves sleep. Cortisol effects the mind, body and skin health negatively, therefore reducing this stress hormone though exercise helps create overall wellness glowing skin

Now, add infrared sauna sessions to your exercise routine and you have yourself a winning formula for wellness and beauty, inside and out.

Skin + Wellness Benefits of Exercise + Infrared Sauna

1. Saunas post-workout are said to promote muscle recovery reduce tension

2. Eliminates performance inhibiting toxins from the body

3. The heat increases overall circulation, which helps transport nutrients and oxygen throughout the entire body including the skin, helping our skin form collagen

4. After a workout the body is hyped up with adrenalin. Saunas help the body get out of fight or flight mode and stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system, allowing the body to de-stress and heal itself

5. Infrared saunas help the skin purge dirt, oil and debris

6. Near infrared helps treat and prevent acne

Now that you have your inner glow going strong, let's talk about outer care.

Outer Skincare Tips for Athletes:

1. Hydrate with a good moisturizer due to loss of water

2. Sweat is our bodies' way of cooling and detoxifying but if left to sit on the skin, bacteria forms and breakouts occur so make sure to cleanse your skin with a gentle cleanser right after your workout

3. Please don’t use over the counter face-wipes after a workout, if you’re in a time crunch, wipe off sweat with a clean towel during and after your workout

4. Be sure to wear spf if you workout outdoors

5. If working out in cold climates: be sure to use moisturizing products

xo Christina




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