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The Healthy Beauty Wheel Exercise

Looking and feeling our best is rooted in healthy living. To achieve optimum wellness and glowing skin, a holistic approach will help us create effective and sustainable results. We can address skincare and wellness from the inside out with nutritious whole foods, proper sleep, meditation, infrared sauna sessions, and a healthy lifestyle- and again from the outside in with proper skincare products and facials. Facials address both inner and outer skincare and wellness as stress relief through massage as well.

We created The Healthy Beauty Wheel to help you reflect on your satisfaction with each area of your wellness. In each wedge place a dot towards the center of the circle if you are unsatisfied and a dot towards the outer edge of the circle if you are satisfied. Connect the dots to get a clear visual of which areas are out of balance and need more attention.


Now that you have had some time to reflect, light a candle, make a cup of tea and journal out your goals and action steps to help improve each area of your wheel. Pencil action steps into your calendar and track your progress by checking in with yourself for 30 minutes every couple of weeks.

One of our accountability health coaches can also help you create a wellness program, focus on additional areas of wellness and offer added support.



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