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The Beauty Chef at Citron

One thing that I have learned throughout my 20 years of being an esthetician is that to truly achieve the best results in skin health and wellness, an inner and outer approach most effective. I discovered this not only from attending the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and becoming a certified Health Coach but also through experience. I have had guests attempt to improve skin concerns with strictly outer beauty products and while using clean healthy skincare definitely helps, that beautiful healthy glow that we all want is simply not achieved if diet, sleep, and stress management are poor.

At Citron, we always address overall wellbeing in addition to skin health. Most of the time when you visit a spa it is to not only look better but also to feel better. From relaxation massage, infrared sauna, aromatherapy, detoxifying treatments and clean products, we take a holistic approach.

We have just raised the bar and launched our latest offering- The Beauty Chef. Gut health is responsible for so much of our wellbeing- brain health, improved mood, effective digestion, healthy sleep and more. The Beauty Chef creates bio-fermented, probiotic wholefood powders and elixirs for gut health, glowing skin and wellbeing.

Christina xo



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