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Prepare to Get Back on Track With Wellness this Fall

The summer is a time when we have more ease and let go of our rigid routines. School is out and we spend more time with friends and family having fun in the sun. Each season has its own joys, and it definitely feels good to let loose for a while during the summer. As the beautiful summer begins to come to an end, we welcome the return of fall to start to cool off and add some more structure back into our daily lives. I know I am the type of person who definitely appreciates a routine especially when it comes to self-care.

Fall gives us an opportunity to start a fresh wellness routine that allows us to look at each area of our lives and determine where we may have fallen off in the summer and where we need to give more attention. This could include anything from getting back on an exercise routine, eating healthier, and practicing self-care like incorporating a monthly facial or massage into your schedule, to scheduling a lunch date with a friend, or developing a plan to keep your home tidy.

This helpful wellness wheel can help you assess each area of your life that affects your well-being.

Place a dot on the line in each category to indicate your level of satisfaction within each area.

1. Place a dot at the center of the circle to indicate dissatisfaction, or on the periphery to indicate satisfaction. Most people fall somewhere in between. (see example)

2. Connect the dots to identify imbalances. Determine where to spend more time and energy to create balance.


Once you have determined where you will be spending more focus, pour a cold drink and sit down with a journal to jot down some goals that could help you improve each area going into fall. Adding your action steps from your goals to a calendar will help you stay committed to them- I love Google Calendar to create different calendars and categories and share with others.

If you would like to learn how we can offer some extra guidance and accountability with your self-care and wellness goals, reserve a free 30-minute consultation with one of our health + wellness coaches.



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