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Our Core Values

1. Personal Connection (Welcoming, Compassion, Friendliness, Humbleness)

We value our community, social connections and the personal relationships we build with each guest that visits Citron. We treat each guest with the traits that we appreciate most: welcoming, compassion, friendliness, and humbleness. We want Citron to be a place where you find inner and outer peace but also friendship.

2. Health + Wellness

We believe that wellness and beauty is something that radiates from within and is affected by our habits. We take a holistic approach to our treatments by incorporating stress relief and relaxation, aromatherapy, wellness and self-care rituals, and lifestyle guidance. We offer additional support through our health coaching and self-care mentoring programs.

3. Appearance, Cleanliness + Attention to Detail

We believe that a fresh, clean and chic space can create inner feelings of happiness and inspiration. We pay attention to the details that contribute to a rejuvenating atmosphere and creates a uniquely personal boutique spa experience.

4. Quality + Value

We provide quality and value to our guests by specializing our expertise in skincare and wellness. Our services are created to exceed our guests' expectations and are routinely evaluated to consistently find additional ways to add value for our guests. We ensure quality through continuous training and advanced education for our team.

5. Social + Environmental Responsibility

We believe we have a responsibility as a business and as individuals to care for the world we live in. The health of the earth directly affects the health of the people in it. We feel we are stronger together and it our mission to help improve the health, wellness and positive vibes in our community and society.

6. Employee Engagement: Inclusive Leadership and Openness

We value the creativity, input, ideas and intelligence of our entire team. We believe everyone contributes to successfully accomplishing our mission. Therefore, we encourage an openness that allows for feedback and constructive insights that benefit Citron and the community as a whole.



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