my skin care routine

I love to make my skin care routine into more of a “ritual” where I use the time to relax and reset. I light some candles, play some relaxing music, even meditate while I mask. I typically try to do this ritual 3 times a week.

As a mom and busy lady, like so many of us, I think our first instinct is to make our self care as quick as possible, which in some cases is needed and the only way it will happen. But the bigger goal with self care is to make it a point to carve out a chunk of TIME for yourself. To make it more about your whole being, relieving stress, slowing down, calming the senses and the mind. Skincare rituals are a great way to do this- on a regular basis.

MY SKINCARE RITUAL (3 x's per week)

1. Pre-Cleanse 2. Chilled Guasha and Jade Roller Massage 3. Cleanse: Aveda Gel Cleanser 4. Aromatic Steamed Towel 5. Dry Brush 6. Exfoliate: Botanical Kinetics Radiant Skin Refiner 7. Aromatic Steamed Towel 8. Mask- Glo Phyto Active 9. Aromatic Steamed Towel 10. Serum : Glo Phyto Active Firming Serum 11. Eye Cream: Glo Eye Restore 12. Moisturize: Aveda Hydrating lotion 13. SPF: Glo Tinted Moisture with with spf 30