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How + Why Our Core Values Revolve Around Our Guests

When I was 19 years old I had recently graduated from esthetics school and landed my first job as an esthetician in Hyannis, Cape Cod. After about a year, I felt it was time to go into the big city. I drove up to Boston, walked into an Aveda salon and spa on Boylston Street dressed in a suit, and presented my resume. This was the job where I would spend the next ten years of my career. Many of my guests would visit me on a weekly basis for virtually the whole ten years I worked there. We would talk about their lives and mine. I had guests who went to Berkley school of music that would give me tips on my hobbies of playing guitar and signing and I would give them tips on how to achieve radiant skin. I talked with them about my boyfriend and eventually shared the news when I was getting married. On my last day of work at the Aveda Salon and Spa I drove home and cried the whole way. I still miss all of those guests til this day.

When I opened citron in 2013 I was already aware of how much our guests would mean to me. How I wanted to create personal connections with everyone who visited. I love the community that we continue to build every day. This is where a lot of our values have stemmed from and have grown and evolved with the beautiful souls of our citron team.

Here are the citron core values that revolve around our wonderful guests:

Core Value #1

Create personal connections with guests and team members.

The best part about coming to citron, whether to work or to have a service is the personal connections we build. Creating friendships with our guests and each other builds a community that all are grateful to be a part of.

Core Value #2

Make a difference by delivering extraordinary experiences through service.

We create personal connections and make a difference in the lives of our guests by going above and beyond to deliver the most relaxing, rejuvenating, and result oriented treatments in the spa industry on a consistent basis.

Core Value #3

Be humble, kind, and compassionate to all equally.

Have empathy and treat others the way you would like to be treated regardless of whether their views differ from your own.

Core Value #4

Have gratitude and live life to the fullest.

Being grateful for our lives including our relationships, our careers, our guests, and our passions will help us continue to live lives filled with joy daily.

Core Value #5

Be mindful.

Be present daily with our guests and each other. Pay attention to detail and quality, and attention to appearance and cleanliness.



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