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How To Create A Refreshing Mood Enhancing Home Facial

Something that I love about self-care is that it helps to put you in a positive mind set. Of course it is human to feel discouraged if something in your life is not going your way, but finding ways to look at the positive and find solutions ensures that you can continue being the version of you that can give to others and live your best life. The old saying, "You can't pour from from emty cup", is so true.

A couple of simple things that help fill my cup and make me feel better are thinking about what I am grateful for and practicing regular self-care. You can bring the "Spa Lifestyle" home with you to improve your daily wellness by incorporating healthy habits that keep you balanced in mind and body.

An at home mini facial is the prefect refreshing pick me up that you can do anytime and will give you glowing skin on top of it- now that calls for a good mood.


At Home Mini Facial

Set the mood with some candles, soothing music, and pour a calming cup of herbal tea.


1.        Pre-Cleanse

I like the Aveda Beautifying Composition to prep my skin, it helps to nourish and loosens up dirt and debris before the cleanser comes in and washes it all away.


2.        Cleanse

Choose a skin-specific cleanser that suits your skin goals. There are a variety of Glo Skin Beauty cleansers for dryness, oiliness, acne, aging, sensitivity, and more. If you need help choosing the best cleanser for your skin type, feel free to fill out a virtual consultation or reserve a facial for a customized analysis and recommendation from one of our licensed estheticians.


3.        Aromatic Steam Towel Compress

Prep a bowl with warm water, a soft facecloth, and add a drop or two of your favorite essential oil. You can also add some fresh herbs to get the healing properties of the plants as well. Wring the towel and apply to your skin, pressing in, while taking deep breaths. I find this so therapeutic. It also helps increase blood flow and soften the pores so the products can work their magic.


4.        Exfoliate

Exfoliation is going to remove the dead, dull surface skin cells and reveal the new, radiant, younger skin cells underneath. Typically, our skin cells turn over every 28-40 days so exfoliating will help your skin cells turn over quicker, producing younger skin cells more regularly.

There are a variety of exfoliators to choose from. My current favorite is the Brightening Polish. It is powered by kojic acid, botanical brighteners, and eco-friendly jojoba beads.


5.        Mask

Masks are a great way to nourish your skin with ingredients that will improve a variety of skin concerns. Just like we nourish our bodies from within, we should look at what we put on the skin from the outside as a chance to nourish the skin with vitamins as well.

Masks that contain anti-oxidants, peptides, plant stem cells, and effective fruit enzymes will leave your skin healthy and radiant.

I have many favorite masks but if I had to choose, my top two would be the Phyto-Active Firming Mask- this is an anti-aging mask packed full of botanical actives and platinum extract to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. I also love the Restorative Mask-it is deeply hydrating, and contains squalane and antioxidants that strengthen the skin’s moisture barrier.


6.        Herbal/ Aromatic Steam

While you are enjoying the first steps of your facial, have a pot of water boiling and some herbs on the stove. When ready, pour the water and herbs into a heat safe bowl and hover your face over the bowl with a towel covering your head like a tent. Do some deep breathing, or a gratitude meditation for 10 minutes while your mask penetrates. The steam is going to help open your pores and help the product penetrate better, as well as infuse your skin with the nutrients from the herbs.


7.        Ice Towel Compress or Facial Cold Plunge

For this step I like to have a bowl of ice water with some cucumber slices prepped with a fluffy facecloth. You can either dunk your face into the bowl for a few seconds or simply apply the cold towel to your skin over the mask and press in, take some deep breaths, and then remove the mask. Cryo-therapy or the application of ice-cold temps to the skin causes your blood vessels to contract and your pores to tighten. The blood vessels dilate quickly as soon as your skin returns to its normal temperature, causing an increase in blood flow and oxygen to the face- resulting in a healthy, radiant glow.

8.    Toning Mist

There is something so refreshing about a toning mist, like a glass of water for your skin. There are variety of toning mists to choose from that address different concerns. I love the Phyto Calm Flower Mist. It is calming and quenching to the skin while boosting moisture levels and toning with a nourishing flower-infused mist, including rose water and chamomile.



9.        Serum

Next you can add a serum of your choice that addresses your skin goals. Serums contain the highest percentage of active ingredients of all skincare products. Active ingredients are the ingredients that target specific concerns such as acne, aging, hydration, hyperpigmentation, sensitivity or redness, and more.

Some staple serums for the most common concerns are:

C Shield Anti Pollution Drops (aging, protection)

HA Hyaluronic Acid Drops (hydration, aging)

GlyPro Retinol Drops (aging)

Beta Clarity BHA Drops (acne)

Hydra Bright Drops (Brightens hyperpigmentation/ aging skin)

Anti Stress CBD Drops (sensitivity/ redness)


10.  Eye Cream

My favorite eye cream is the C-Shield Eye Restore Hydrator. It is a wonderful antioxidant and peptide-rich eye cream containing nourishing vitamins, and blue light defense, to protect and prevent signs of aging, while diminishing appearance of fine lines, dark circles, and puffiness.


11.  Moisturizer (+SPF for day time)

Your final step is to nourish with a moisturizer. Again, there are a variety of moisturizers to choose from that cater to different concerns. A versatile, effective moisturizer that is currently my all time fave is the Hydra-Bright Hydrator. It is a lightweight, illuminating treatment moisturizer that targets a brighter, smoother complexion, with vitamin C, lactic acid, and a mineral luminosity complex to hydrate and reenergize radiance.


For your SPF, I’d recommend the Oil Free SPF 40. It is full of antioxidants, contains hyaluronic acid, and is 100% mineral.


I hope you enjoy your time for yourself and that your mind, body, and soul are feeling renewed, cleansed, refreshed, hydrated, and rejuvenated.



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