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chopsticks are the new fork

This post is dedicated to my lovely husband, who looks at me like I’m coo coo for cocopuffs when he sees me eat my dinner with chopsticks instead of the beloved american fork. Our kids are also following suite by the way, asking for chopsticks instead of their forks (which this may or may not be the best idea haha). I must admit, it did get some getting used to. The act of eating with chopsticks is not the easiest but you can do it! With a little practice, you will be well on your way to reaping the benefits. There are many health benefits to eating with chopsticks. 1.Digestion

Eating with chop sticks forces you to eat slowly and mindfully which is good for digestion. Digestion is responsible for breaking down our food into smaller molecules of nutrients before the blood can absorb them and carry them throughout the body. These nutrients are responsible for providing the body with energy and cell repair (including skin cell repair, hello glowing skin).

2. Weight Control

  • Lower Glycemic Response Limiting spikes in your blood sugar will curve cravings and the trigger release of insulin that ultimately leads to fat storage and weight gain.

  • Satiation Eating slowly will make you feel fuller. Therefor, you will ultimately eat less.

3. Eating Mindfully

Eating with chopsticks requires you to eat mindfully. Not only does eating mindfully help you in cultivating a mindfulness practice throughout your day, it also helps with eating habits. Gaining awareness over eating helps us to recognize the habits that may be leading to overeating and unhealthy food choices. Enter- the whole bag of potato chips consumed while stressed about work watching t.v. . We have all been there but it’s good to know there are ways to improve.

Hooray for chopsticks!



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