Chocolate Chip Collagen Cookies

The cold weather seasons are the perfect time to stay home where its warm and cozy and force ourselves to slow down during a busy time like the holidays. I love baking this time of year, warm cookies and hot tea just aren't the same during the the summer months. The smell of fresh baked goodies infuse the house with a simple joy and spending quality time with family baking together is just the best.

Surprisingly, it is possible to create healthier versions of the treats we love. They won't be exactly the same as the cookies filled with butter and sugar but if you like comfort food like me, especially this time of year when weather is cold and stress is sometimes high, it is nice to have a guilt free snack that can nurture those cravings for comfort. Ignoring cravings is not going to help and many times can lead to binging on unhealthy foods. You can honor your body and feed your cravings with a healthy version of the food you are craving and it usually does the trick.

These collagen cookies do just that. If you don't have collagen in your house, you can always make them without it and still have a healthy cookie. But I do recommend adding skin-healthy ingredients to y