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Body Zen Sessions: Wellness + Beauty Super Stars

It’s no secret that having a body treatment is ultra-relaxing to the point of drooling, snoring and the like. But have you ever wondered what the actual health and beauty benefits of having a body treatment are? Well, I suggest you grab a cold drink and pull up a chair because there are lots, especially the Summer Rejuvenation Body Remedy made with farm fresh ingredients at Citron.

Exfoliation: In the Summer Rejuvenation Body Remedy we first use dry brushes to remove dead skin cells which reveal younger, brighter skin cells underneath. This also stimulates new skin cell regeneration creating that youthful glowing skin. Dry brush exfoliation also stimulates the lymphatic system- responsible for detoxification. We felt like even though the glowing skin from dry brushing was nice, why not kick it up a notch and add a local, garden fresh lavender and lemon verbena scrub for the hard to reach area like the back and feet. We will get into the benefits of lavender and lemon verbena in just a sec.

Relaxation Massage: We are not here to get your knots out and dig deep into your tissue with this one. This is strictly to stimulate your parasympathetic nervous system and get your body to rest and digest- in other words, melt like butter. There are lots of benefits to this including a reduction of stress hormones, improved sleep, improved skin tone (less stress, less wrinkles) and reduced anxiety and depression. In this body zen session we massage the full body, face, scalp, hands and feet. Oh yeah, we also use hot stones for deeper relaxation.

Local, Hand Harvested Lavender and Lemon Verbena: Lavender and lemon verbena actually have a lot in common. Both are known for antibacterial properties, detoxification, and ability to reduce anxiety and depression. Lavender is clinically proven to reduce stress and lemon verbena promotes hormonal balance in the body. We use our garden fresh lavender and lemon verbena in both our scrub and herbal oil.

Garden Fresh Herbal Oil: The specific benefits of herbal oils depend a lot on the herbs infused. We have covered the benefits of lavender and lemon verbena but the oil itself has lots of benefits as well. Our skin depends on a production of natural oils to maintain a healthy, vibrant complexion. As we age, our skin starts producing less oils and therefore, we need to replenish them to promote healthy lipids and lock in moisture and hydration.

Green Tea Mask (made with local farm fresh honey): Oh so many benefits with this one. Honey helps balance bacteria on the skin, helping clear up any acne and also helps exfoliate dead skin cells. Green tea has tons of anti-oxidants that combat aging and revitalize dull looking skin cells. Green tea also has lots of vitamins such as Vitamin B-2 that promote collagen production, improving firmness. We also added some aloe-vera to this mask for the Vitamin C and A- awesome for anti-aging and balance for dry and oily skin.

Aromatherapy: Throughout the treatment you will enjoy the aromas of fresh lavender and lemon verbena both in essential oil form and its pure herbal state. Aromatherapy is widely known for its physical, mental and emotional health benefits. You will enjoy these aromas through steamed towels, scrubs, herbal infused oils, masks and deep inhalation of essential oils.



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