Body Zen Sessions: Wellness + Beauty Super Stars

It’s no secret that having a body treatment is ultra-relaxing to the point of drooling, snoring and the like. But have you ever wondered what the actual health and beauty benefits of having a body treatment are? Well, I suggest you grab a cold drink and pull up a chair because there are lots, especially the Summer Rejuvenation Body Remedy made with farm fresh ingredients at Citron.

Exfoliation: In the Summer Rejuvenation Body Remedy we first use dry brushes to remove dead skin cells which reveal younger, brighter skin cells underneath. This also stimulates new skin cell regeneration creating that youthful glowing skin. Dry brush exfoliation also stimulates the lymphatic system- responsible for detoxification. We felt like even though the glowing skin from dry brushing was nice, why not kick it up a notch and add a local, garden fresh lavender and lemon verbena scrub for the hard to reach area like the back and feet. We will get into the benefits of lavender and lemon verbena in just a sec.

Relaxation Massage: We are not here to get your knots out and dig deep