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Benefits of Dry Brushing + the Fall Restorative Body Remedy

Updated: Nov 30, 2021

Our Fall Restorative Body Remedy begins with a calming breath of rosemary and sage followed by a full body dry brushing. The feeling alone of a dry brush is very relaxing and the benefits are pretty amazing.


The most obvious benefit is the removal of dead skin and unclogging of pores, which is so needed this time of year.

Dry brushing also detoxes the body by increasing blood circulation and increasing lymphatic drainage.

This would be the perfect treatment to combine with a private Detoxification sauna session. Unclogging the pores of dead skin and debris makes it easier for the body to sweat and eliminate toxins.

Do you notice how you just feel better after dry brushing? It is not just your imagination. Your nervous system is also stimulated through the process.

Try our new Citron Plant-Based Body Brush for a detoxing ritual at home.

More Benefits

In the Fall Restorative Body Remedy, we follow dry brushing with a local rosemary and sage house made scrub on the back and feet, aromatic steamed towels for removal and a hydrating aloe mask with local honey, rosemary and sage. This removes deeper layers of dead skin and adds hydration combined with the benefits of fresh herbs.

A warm herbal infused oil hand bottled with fresh local rosemary and sage (and love of course) is applied with a full body massage with the addition of hot stones on the back (ahhh). This adds to the stimulation of the nervous system and provides the benefits of the herbs absorbing into the skin (free of dead skin of clogging).

Rosemary is known for its hydrating, antibacterial and antiaging benefits, and sage for used to soothe dryness and eliminate toxins. These fresh local herbs combined with the benefits of dry brushing followed by scrubs, masks and moisturizing oils will give you a full body glow like never before.



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