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5 Simple Tips for a Healthy Weight

Updated: Jul 21, 2021

Studies have shown that maintaining a healthy weight has numerous health benefits; from disease prevention and longevity to overall contentment with one-self. Our health coaches work with clients regularly to create radiant wellbeing and maintaining a healthy weight is up there as a top contributor.

Here are five simple tips for a healthy weight:

1. Weight Loss Infrared Sauna Program

Infrared saunas have numerous health benefits including weight loss. Sauna use is a great addition to your wellness plan that includes healthy eating and exercise but can also be an effective solution for folks who can not exercise due to medical conditions such as osteoarthritis, cardiovascular or respiratory problems. Infrared sauna sessions were reported to burn up to 600 calories according to the Journal of the American Medical Association. If you are wondering how this happens, it’s quite simple. During your infrared sauna session your body’s core temperature rises. Your body then works hard to cool itself off which creates a healthy detoxifying sweat. Your heart rate, blood flow, cardiac output and metabolic rate all increase which results in burnt calories leading to weight loss. Heating the body from the inside out with infrared technology helps you stay in the sauna longer, increasing your heart rate.

2. Start Juicing

A great way to cleanse the body and jump start weight loss is through juicing. Try pairing fresh vegetable juices with a light, plant-based diet with veggies found at your local farmer’s market.

Every day for thirty days try to have a low sugar green juice and notice the difference in your energy, skin and weight.

3. Say NO to Liquid Calories

There are lots of hidden sugars in sodas and sweetened fruit juices (even OJ!) The you have the sweetened coffees and tea. One of the easiest ways to reduce excess weight is to eliminate all sweetened beverages. Healthy alternatives could include blood-sugar-balancing vegetable juices, water, and tea and coffee in moderation.

4. Drink More Water

So many people are chronically dehydrated and mistake thirst for hunger. The next time you feel hungry between meals, try to drink a couple of large glasses of water, then see if you’re still hungry.

5. Identify Potential Allergies

Unidentified allergies are a common cause of weight gain and difficulties losing weight. You can get tested for common allergies like gluten, soy, and dairy, or simply try an elimination diet. Eliminate these foods for thirty days, then reintroduce them one at a time, a few days apart, and take note of any reactions, mood changes or changes in weight. When you remove foods that cause allergies, weight is naturally lost, skin improves and mood is balanced.


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