Warm Weather Waxing Tips

Ahhh the time has arrived people. Beaches, bikinis, and sun dresses are here and this also means showing more skin. I don't know about you, but not having to shave every day makes summer just that much better. Here are some tips that will help you maintain smoothly waxed, glowing skin all summer long.

Work your way up to a Brazilian: We recommend starting off with a French Bikini if you have never had a Brazilian (unless you are very brave). A full Brazilian can be a little intimidating for a first time waxer. A French bikini will give you a preview of the pain level and the process and create a comfort level with your esthetician.

Make sure your hair is the right length: This goes for bikini, legs, arms and back. If the hair is too short you will have hair left behind that was unable to adhere to the wax as well as breakage. You will find your hair will grow back quicker if this is the case. On the flip side, if your hair is too long, this can make for a painful, messy experience.