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Holistic Skincare Rituals for Dry Skin Part 1

As a health coach and esthetician, I take a holistic approach to skincare. In addition to external products, what’s going on on the inside also influences our skin’s appearance. There are specific nutrients, products, and lifestyle factors that will help improve dry skin. Dry skin is also one of the biggest contributors to aging skin- giving the appearance of more prominent fine lines and wrinkles.

I created a two-part series guide that will help you achieve hydrated skin from within and with outer skin-care rituals.

We will start with the inner approach as I believe the roots should be addressed first.

Foods + Nutrients that Help with Dry Skin


Potassium helps regulate water storage within your body and also prevents water loss. Potassium also helps dead, dry skin cells turn over so your body can produce newer, healthier cells.

Foods high in potassium:

Sweet potato

White potato

Low sugar tomato sauce




Black Beans


Dried fruits (apricots)

Cashews, almonds




Drinking more water will help hydrate your body from within. It also helps all of your cells function in a healthier way, including skin cells. While drinking water won’t directly hydrate your skin, it will hydrate your body, send more nutrients to your skin cells, and improve cell function which results in healthier skin.

Foods with vitamins A, C, and E, zinc and omega's

These nutrients are essential in healthy skin function, resulting in balanced radiant skin conditions.

Foods to incorporate

Red pepper

Kiwi fruit

Fish oil

Almond milk

Sunflower seeds



Green Tea


Other factors

Hot showers

I LOVE a hot shower, so this can be a tough one. But limiting the level of heat will help improve dry skin. If you want another way to heat up without stripping the skin of its moisture barrier, try an infrared sauna.


Do you ever notice when you wake up in the morning after a good night’s sleep your skin has a moisturized appearance and your fine lines look smoothed over? When we sleep, the body repairs itself. The body also perspires in an attempt to rehydrate the body. Ph levels can fall out of balance when we don’t get enough sleep, resulting in drier skin. Studies show that just one night of sleep deprivation can cause transepidermal water loss, affecting hydration levels. In addition, facial pore size, skin tone, elasticity, translucency, and blood flow were also affected in the skin by a lack of sleep.

Use a humidifier

Dry air is a major cause of dry skin. Humidifiers add a fresh hydrated mist to the air around you-increasing humidity levels. At the spa we use humidifiers in our rooms that have the ability to add essential oils. Aromas like lavender will also help you relax and sleep better. The overall result- a rested body and hydrated skin.

Manage Stress

We all know how stress has a host of negative effects on mind and body- including the skin. When we don’t manage our stress, the protective barrier in the skin known as the stratum corneum can be compromised, resulting in a lack of water retention- which causes dryness. Keeping the stratum corneum in good working condition by taking care of your body through stress management techniques will also help keep your skin cells heathy and hydrated.

Some quick tips to manage stress:

- Exercise

- Mediate

- Do yoga




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