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6 Shower Wellness Rituals for Busy People

I love long hot baths but sometimes you need wellness on the go. Showers are a great way to incorporate some rejuvenating, balancing rituals to get you feeling happy, healthy, and grounded- ready to tackle the busy day ahead.

1. Aromatherapy Steam Shower

Grab your favorite aroma and add some drops into a steamy shower. I like to use lavender to relax after I get back from the gym at night and get ready for bed, I find it really helps me sleep. In the morning I like a citrus like lemon to awaken my senses and get an energy boost.

2. Breathing Exercises

Try taking a deep breath in, holding for four seconds, then breath out for four seconds.

3. Exfoliate

There is something so refreshing about exfoliating. Find a skin appropriate exfoliant for your face and a separate exfoliant designed for the body. My favorite exfoliant for face is Glo Skin Beauty Brightening Polish. In fact, it's in my shower as we speak.

4. Shower Meditation

While the hot water is running down your scalp, imagine that all of your negative thoughts and bad feelings wash away down the drain and the water falling on you is a stream of refreshing positivity.

5. Alternative Between Hot + Cold Sprays

I like to do 2 minutes of hot and one minute of cold about 4 times. This is a quick way to get a great energy boost. The bursts of hot and cold water increaes blood flow, releases endorphins, and activates your parasympathetic nervous system- also prepping your adrenal glands to handle stress more efficiently throughout the day.

6. Apply a Skin Care Mask

Let the mask sit while you wash your hair and the rest of your body. It will leave you with an overall rejuvenated feeling and healthy skin. You can browse our Glo Skin Beauty masks to see which one would be appropriate for your skin goals.

Are you wanting to incorporate more self-care into your life? This free wellness + beauty workbook will help you structure your time, set self-care and wellness goals, and develop a positive mind set.


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