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at home mini manicure

I know what you’re probably thinking, I can’t do my own nails! I totally get it. But fear not, I have a few tips and an easy at home mini manicure protocol that will get you through. I will include a link below to purchase the 1o free, vegan, Dazzle Dry Mini Kit as well as a link to Citron's Skin and Body Care Consultation survey for our Beauty Box if you are in need of body care.

BEFORE YOU BEGIN: Immerse the tightly closed bottle of Base Coat in a bowl of hot water until it becomes clear. Use Dazzle Dry Remove for easy removal of nail lacquer. Start with a clean nail plate that has been lightly buffed. Should Lacquer and Top Coat get thick or form bubbles, use 2-4 drops of Dazzle Dry Revive.

Take this time to make this a rejuvenating ritual that not only will refresh those dry, cracked, over washed hands but also refresh your mind and spirit. · Set the relaxation stage; light candles, turn on an essential oil diffuser, light some candles. · Fill a large bowl with warm aromatic water and some epson salts. And a couple of lemon slices or herbs. Soak your hands for as long as you’d like. · Exfoliate your hands with a natural clean body scrub. · If you are not extremely “skilled” (such as myself) in painting your own nails, I suggest choosing a light polish color, as its more forgivable.


Saturate a lint-free cotton pad with Nail Prep and scrub each nail, removing ALL remnants of oil, lotion, and other contaminants. Use 1 cotton pad per hand to ensure an optimal canvas.


Apply 2 coats of Base Coat, encapsulating the free edge of each nail. Allow each layer to dry matte prior to applying next coat. Keep Base Coat confined to the nail plate to prevent product lifting.


Apply the first coat of Nail Lacquer thinly and the second coat generously. Encapsulate the free edge of each nail with each coat. Keep Nail Lacquer confined to the nail plate to prevent product lifting.

4 TOP COAT Generously apply Top Coat. Use the tip of the brush to glide over and burst any air bubbles that may have formed. Encapsulate the free edge of each nail, sealing in all the layers. Keep Top Coat confined to the nail plate to prevent product lifting. Allow five minutes to dry.

After your nails are completely dry, moisturize with a natural, clean body lotion.

Enjoy an stay well!

With love, Christina



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