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Why We Use Locally Sourced Ingredients In Our Seasonal Skincare Treatments

As you have probably guessed by now we are pretty health and environmentally conscious. But have you ever wondered what the benefits are of locally sourced ingredients that we incorporate into our seasonal specials? Aside from the fact we looove herbs, gardening and being mad little scientists, here are the top benefits to locally sourced skincare.

1. More Nutrients: The fresher the ingredients, the more nutrients they contain. We typically dry our herbs immediately after picking them at their peak or purchasing from a local farmers market. This means that there is minimal time to lose those vital nutrients, essential for effective results and your skin health like there is with ingredients that are shipped.

2. Better for the Environment: More shipping equals more fossil fuels which means more pollution. By making products with locally sourced ingredients we cut down on shipping.

3. Hand Bottled = High Quality: By hand crafting our locally sourced skincare products, we are front and center to oversee quality- unlike the huge industrial facilities.

4. No Added Chemicals = Good Health: We grow our own herbs with zero pesticides or chemicals and purchase from local organic farms. Absorbing harmful chemicals through your largest organ (your skin) can lead to a host of health problems.

5. Preserve Nature: By supporting local farmers we help preserve the land that is used for their farming practices. If the farmers go out of business they usually resort to selling their land that then gets developed.

6. Support Farm Families: Wouldn’t you rather buy from a local business that relies on your support to feed their families and live comfortably? The competition from major agricultural companies make this market challenging for local farmers.

7. Support Your Local Economy: By supporting local businesses you help create jobs and the livelihood of your community.

8. Less Shipping Materials: Products that are shipped arrive in boxes, plastic bubble wrap, and more. We also recommend using our adorable reusable Citron bag.

Our Summer Rejuvenation Facial and Body Remedy features local, hand crafted lavender and lemon verbena hydrosol, herbal oil and salt scrub as well as a green tea masque made with locally sourced farmers' market honey.



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