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5 Tips To Stay on Track with Your Wellness This Summer

Updated: Jul 11

As much as we love summer, it becomes more challenging to stay on track with our wellness routines. The kids are out of school so our typical routine of going for morning walks and lunchtime runs can change. Working from home while juggling the kids can add some stress and there is more traveling, social events, and weekend plans- which means more tasty treats and drinks being consumed.


The good news is there are ways to reap the benefits of all that summer has to offer while staying on track with your wellness and maintaining balance.

5 Tips To Stay on Track with Your Wellness This Summer



1.        Finding Balance

I’m a firm believer of not depriving yourself when trying to be healthy. The goal is to be your healthiest self most of the time. If you can start your day with a smoothie packed with nourishing nutrients and meal plan for healthy, homemade weekday lunches and dinners, then having an ice cream or sangria over the weekend isn’t such a bad thing. Just be sure to try to keep the ratio to 90 % healthy, 10% eat whatever you want.

If you are traveling or notice you are going to more cookouts or dinners out, try to be mindful of staying balanced with your food choices in those situations, instead of splurging 100% of the time. Keeping a food journal can help you look back and see exactly how well you stayed on track and provide accountability.



2.        Get Creative with Your Schedule + Plan Ahead

If your schedule changes due to vacations, kids being home, or weekend activities, it helps to plan and find other days/times to move your self-care activities to fit your current schedule.


It might mean using a pickup or delivery service for your groceries one week, moving cleaning day or hiring a cleaning service for your home, scheduling early morning runs before the sun gets too hot, planning shared play dates with other families, or hiring a babysitter to have a date night, and signing up for a Sunday morning yoga class when your husband can stay home with the kids.

3. Stay Hydrated with Nourishing Beverages

It's extra important to drink more water during the summer to prevent dehydration, regulate your body temperature, and maintain your skin health. Staying hydrated also helps the brain access more amino acids that help create serotonin- the "feel-good" chemical that will put you in a mood. Carry a reusable water bottle with you wherever you go and to refresh and nourish yourself with mineral water or by adding a ginger elixir for extra vitamins and antioxidants.


4.        Remember that Joy is A Part of Your Wellness


Taking some time off in the summer to spend quality time with your kids enjoying a pizza and family game night, or spending the weekend with some girlfriends enjoying chilled wine over great conversation and laughter can be better for your overall wellness than just eating kale. It’s important to remember that even though summer can involve some extra splurging and less structure, the joy and wellness you get from simply enjoying life can be worth it. Nourishing your mental, emotional, and physical health is a holistic approach and all about balance.


5.        Find Ways To Slow Down and De-Stress

While spending time at lots of social summer events can be a lot of fun, it is also important to find downtime to recharge. Constantly being on the go, juggling our kids with work, and playing catch up from taking time off can be stressful. Carving out time for yourself to read a book alone on the beach, have a spa day, or meditate in a shady spot outdoors can bring you back to balance during the busy summer months.

We hope that these 5 tips to stay on track with your wellness this summer will help you enjoy all the wonderful things about summer while maintaining your holistic health and well-being along the way.



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