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How To Make 5 of Your Daily Routines into Nourishing Winter Wellness Rituals

During the winter months especially, I turn to natural wellness techniques to ward off any winter blues and keep my energy up. These wellness techniques don't need to be complicated, you don't need to fly to another country for a tropical wellness retreat (although that does sound pretty nice right about now), and they don't require a lot of extra time. Turning a routine into a ritual comes down to taking a daily recuring task that you are already doing that may seem mundane or tactical and turning it into a nourishing activity that you look forward to restore your mind body wellness. I try to pay attention to my tasks throughout the day to see which other areas of my life can be infused with this same approach.

How To Make 5 of Your Daily Routines into Nourishing Winter Wellness Rituals

1. Winter Skincare Ritual

You can use your skincare ritiual as a way to cleanse away your stress from the day, refresh your mood, and balance winter skin. Light a candle, turn on some soothing music (jazz is my fave), use clean skincare, maybe incorporate a Gua Sha massage to increase blood flow and stagnant energy, do some steamed towel compresses with your favorite uplifting essential oil while doing some deep breathing, and create a botanical steam to enjoy while you mask.

For a general winter skincare line up, I recommend:

Glo Skin Beauty Gentle Cream Cleanser

This gentle cream cleanser thoroughly removes makeup, excess oil and debris while respecting the skin's natural moisture balance.

Hydra-Bright Pro 5 Liquid Exfoliant

(2-3 times per week)

Clinically-proven to smooth, refine, and brighten skin with a unique blend of five alpha hydroxy acids and poly hydroxy acids.

Restorative Mask

(up to 3 times per week)

Deeply hydrating, squalane and antioxidants strengthen skin’s moisture barrier, locking in moisture, improving suppleness and softness, and smoothing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

HA Revive Hyaluronic Mist

Powered by hyaluronic acid and coconut water, this quenching botanical-infused mist hydrates and nourishes dry or dehydrated skin.

Phyto Calm Aloe Drops

Powered by skin-nurturing ingredients including aloe vera and olive fruit and sunflower seed oils, Phyto Calm Aloe Drops soften and soothe dry, winter-sensitive skin, enhancing moisture for a reinvigorated radiance.

C Shield Eye Restore Hydrator

Packed with antioxidants and vitamins, this eye cream protects against blue light damage, affects of aging, fine lines, dark circles, and puffiness.

HA Revive Hyaluronic Hydrator

The HA Revive Hyaluronic Hydrator is an active age-defying moisturizer that restores skin’s suppleness and vitality, with hyaluronic acid and plant stem cell.

Oil Free SPF 40

Protect against sun damage and aging environmental skin stressors with this weightless, invisible finish, oil-free, antioxidant and hyaluronic acid infused SPF.

2. Steam Shower/ Bath Ritual

Think uplifting and awakening. The winter and lack of sunlight can cause us to feel down so creating an uplifting and rejuvenating self care ritual out of your typical shower routine can help wash away the winter blues. 

Here’s some ideas:

  • Invigorating dry brushing before your shower

  • Infuse your steam shower with uplifting essential oils like citrus and peppermint

  • Hang eucalyptus in your shower

  • Do some shower stretches

  • Switch between hot and cold sprays to consirict and increase blood flow

  • Take 5 deep cleansing breaths

  • Try a shower meditation let go of negetivity (imagine all negative thoughts, feelings, sadness, stress and anxieties washing down the drain as the cleansing water washes over your scalp

  • Use a natural body wash with essential oils instead of fragrance like Dr. Bronners (i’m currently using peppermint, and I love it for the winter)

  • Use clean skincare

  • Try a steam bath: add herbs and epsom salts, do a skincare mask while you sit and meditate (opt for a guided meditation if you get too antsy in silence)

3. Winter Meal Ritual

Create a joyful meal time experience filled with healthy home cooked meals that will not just fill bellies but nurture your loved ones. Meal time can be a great opportunity to sit down with our families and connect by sharing our thoughts and daily experiences with eachother.

Here’s some ways to make it a nourishing ritual:

  • Make cooking an enjoyable experience, light a candle and put on some light music

  • Use table settings that bring you joy

  • Eat slowly and mindfully

  • Chew your food well for better digestion

  • Eat nourishing healthy, winter focused comfort foods like soups with root vegetables (carrots, beets, parsnips, sweet potatoes, turnips, and squash are some delicious examples that are in season in the winter).

4. Bedtime Ritual

Now, I like to watch my Netflix in the evening (it’s really the only time my husband and I can have some adult time once our girls go to bed and can watch a movie that isn't limited to PG), but I also like to wind down with a relaxing skincare ritual, incorporate light yoga (if my girls are at dance and the house is quiet), read a spiritual book (I'm into Buddhism), and drink a relaxing bedtime tea. I also try to make sure my bedroom is free of clutter and my bed is made, welcoming a relaxing night’s sleep.

Some ideas to incorporate into a relaxing eveing ritual:

  • Skincare ritual

  • Light yoga or meditation

  • Relaxation Tea

  • Infrared sauna or blanket

  • Steam bath or shower

5. Morning Ritual

Creating a morning ritual is personalized to you and based on your schedule and what you enjoy. Some people love waking up at 5 am with a matcha late, going for a run, and then heading off to work. Others enjoy getting extra z’s and slowly easing into the day with the newspaper and a coffee, and doing some yoga. Based on which self-care activities brings you joy (and are practical for you) you can create a morning ritual that restores your energy and fuels you for day ahead (and feels less like a strict routine that you have to do).

I like to get up before everyone in my house, pour a glass of lemon water to hydrate, light a candle, get cozy under a heated blanket, have a warm cup of coffee, meditate, journal, or write. Once my kids get up we get them ready for school, make a smoothie, choose clothes and do my hair in a way that brings me joy, do a very simple morning skincare ritual with a cold refreshing aromatic citrus towel, gentle cleanser, serum, moisturizer, sunscreen, and eye cream.

I hope these rituals gave you some ideas to infuse more joy and wellness into your everyday routines.



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