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Finding the “Why” Behind Your Self-Care + Why it’s Important for Consistency

So you may be thinking, “I really need a wellness routine” or “I need to make health a goal in my life”. So the next day you buy healthy foods at the market, go to the gym, book a facial, and meditate before going to bed at your ideal bedtime.

You stay on track for the next few weeks but then you skip the gym a few times, miss your market run so you grab fast food for dinner and stay up past your bedtime watching Netflix. You soon start to notice you’re irritable and short tempered with your partner and your kids, and not very motivated at work. You’re rushing from one activity to the next and your anxiety is way up. Then it dawns on you, you never did make it to the spa for much-needed stress relieving time for yourself and you haven’t been meditating either.

This is a cycle we have all experienced. Instead of trying to ignore the stress and anxiety that shows up and beating yourself up about it, we can be grateful because this is our bodies’ way of telling us we need to change something to feel better.

My “why” behind wellness and self-care is truly what keeps me committed. I want to be a happy, calm, patient mother for my children to set an example for them and to be a healthy role model, and infuse their lives with good energy. I also want to be a happy, healthy wife for my husband. Our marriage is the foundation of our family and if it isn’t a healthy one, everyone suffers. I also want to be healthy for my business. I want to have motivation, passion, and energy to lead our team towards the mission we all believe in and give the best of me to our guests- providing great service, extraordinary value, an inspired space for wellness and rejuvenation.

I have found firsthand that wellness and self-care is the launchpad for reaching a variety of goals. I figured I’d put together a list of things that your health directly impacts to help you think about which matter the most to you and can serve as your “why”. You may think some of these questions have an obvious answer but the answers are truly unique to each of us and something we don’t always spend time reflecting on.

Questions to find your “why”:

Do I want to be happier? If so, why?

Do I want more energy, if so, why?

Do I want to feel calmer, if so, why?

Do I want more patience, if so, why?

Do I want to be able to forgive and let go of anger, if so, why?

Do I want to have bright, healthy skin? If so, why?

Do I want to weigh less? If so, why?

Do I want to sleep better? If so, why?

Do I want to be more motivated in my career? If so, why?

I hope these questions helped you reflect on why self-care and wellness is important to you. If you’d like a tool to start taking consistent action you can download our free wellness and beauty workbook to help set self-care goals and structure your time.

Be well!




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