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Detox Water for the Win, Win.

How are your New Years goals coming along? I know a lot of us have goals around health and wellness and one hugely beneficial thing that is somehow hard for the average person to accomplish is drinking more water. So perhaps making the process a little more appealing might help. As we know drinking water has tons of benefits:

- Increases energy: dehydration can decrease energy, impair mood, and increase anxiety

- Improves bodily functions

- Carries oxygen and nutrients to cells (including skin cells)

- Aids in digestion

- Flushing toxins and bacteria

And much more!

So why add fruits and herbs to your water ?

- It can help prevent you from drinking sugary drinks such as juice (you might be shocked at how much sugar is actually in oj!)

- The added antioxidants help repair cells that get damaged from free radicals.

- Vitamin C in particular helps prevent dry, aging skin and sun damage.

- Polyphenol antioxidants help reduce weight gain

- Helps prevent build up of toxins

- Herbs like Rosemary contain antioxidants, anti inflammatory and antimicrobial effects. It can also improve mood and decrease anxiety by promoting healthy gut bacteria.

Citrus Rosemary Detox Water Recipe


Sliced lemon

Sliced grapefruit

A couple of sprigs of Rosemary

Mineral or Spring Water


Combine all ingredients and drink :) (easy as that!)

Tip: Add ice and keep in a water pitcher in the fridge to drink throughout the day. If you are out and about add your detox water to a thermal water bottle that will stay cold all day and hydrate on the go!



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