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at home mini facial

Citron has been closed for about three weeks now and I have been home with my husband and my girls. We are doing well, all of us are healthy and we are enjoying being with each other and taking this opportunity to slow down. Of course it hasn't been all rainbows and butterflies but I'm trying to maintain positivity while having empathy for other's that I know are struggling very much physically, mentally and financially during this difficult time. A part of staying positive for me has always been maintaining self care and believe it or not the simple act of caring for my skin and taking a moment for myself puts me in a better mood and mind set.

I put together a very simple At Home Mini Facial protocol for you to follow as well. I highly recommend using professional skin care products that have been recommended to you based on your skin type by an esthetician. I have designed an at home skin care consultation survey that you can fill out and I will send you 3 product recommendations. Your products are available for free delivery via our Beauty Box.

I hope you are all healthy and finding ways to stay well, we will get through this together.

With so much love,




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