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5 Ways to Beat the Winter Blues with Self-Care

It is nice to know that spring is definitely on the horizon. We've been seeing a little more of the sun lately, not to mention the 60 degree day we had last week- I'll take it! While spring is getting closer, it's still important to find ways to be happy in the present moment- sun or no sun. There are some rituals and practices that can help boost your mood until we are sitting by the pool and sipping on a cold glass of kombucha, with lots of vitamin D and good moods flowing.

5 Ways to Beat the Winter Blues

1. The Winter Solstice Facial + Infrared Sauna Combo

We specifically design our seasonal treatments around both treating season-specific skin conditions as well as mind-body affects. We combine all of our facials with an infrared sauna session for an inner/outer approach to wellness and skin health. Prior to your facial, your sauna session will wrap you in the warmth of infrared which mimics the suns rays, minus the harmful UV- all while stimulating collagen in your skin and detoxifying. Our Winter Solstice Facial is then designed to promote rest and relaxation and balance dry, sensitive winter skin with local herbs chamomile, calendula, and mint and clinically affective Glo Skin Beauty products.

You will truly leave feeling light, refreshed, and glowing (literally).

2. Stress Relief

On top of the lack of vitamin d in the winter, we are recovering from the added stress the busyness that the holidays can bring on as well as our typical daily stressors that need to be managed. Exercise is an amazing stress reliever and the more consistently you can do it, the better you feel. Incorporating meditation, yoga, or a simple tea ritual to pause is great for slowing down, being present and releasing stress.

3. Get Outdoors

Getting a little bit of sunshine no matter how small and some fresh air daily can help tremendously with our moods. If you can bundle up and do some jogging, hiking, or just a brisk 20 minute morning walk, you will get endorphins flowing while getting in some vitamin d.

4. Stay Social

It's normal to want to hibernate in the winter time- it's nature's way of telling us to slow down, rest, and reflect. However, too much downtime can well, make us feel a little down. Getting a coffee and catching up with a friend, calling a family member, or making it a point to take a class or join a group that has similar interests can help you feel more socially connected during the slower winter months.

5. Eat Well

What we eat affects our moods tremendously. Too much sugar can cause our blood sugar levels to spike then crash, making us irritable. A healthy diet also promotes a health gut which communicates with the brain, resulting in the production of "happy chemicals" like serotonin and dopamine. Eating more nutrient dense foods also contributes to our energy levels throughout the day. A smoothie a day packed with dark leafy greens, fruits, greek yogurt, fibre, and superfoods is a great first step.

Want more information on making your wellness a lifestyle with consistent self-care? Check out our lifestyle memberships.

Be well!


Owner/Founder Citron Spa

Licensed Esthetician

Certified Health Coach



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