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3 tips for creating a rejuvenating home skin care ritual

Now, more than ever, it’s been so important to find ways to de-stress and practice radical self care. A skin care routine is one of the ways you can take a little time for yourself each day and keep your skin healthy and beautiful.

Here are 3 Tips for creating a rejuvenating skin care ritual: 1. Use clean, professional skin care products that are customized to benefit your own needs. This will ensure you get the best results while also caring for your health (and the environment). All skin is not created equal. Each one of us has our own specific needs when it comes to caring for our skin. Products are formulated to treat specific skin care concerns such as dryness, oiliness, aging, acne, clogging, hyperpigmentation, under eye circles and puffiness. It is important when choosing the products you will use daily that you have the professional guidance of an esthetician when choosing the products that will best achieve the results you are hoping for. We have a virtual skin care consultation you can fill out and receive our top 3 professional skin care product recommendations from free of charge. Simply follow the link below:

2. View your skin care as a ritual, a treat that you can look forward to at the end of the night. You might even want to turn on some relaxing music and light a couple of candles. I include a detoxifying aromatic steamed towel ritual with essential oils that I customize to uplift whatever mood I might be in (lavender is great for de-stressing and helps you sleep!) and remove the product.

3. Drink a warm cup of lemon water. Not only is this a relaxing ritual to do before bed that will help you sleep more soundly, the vitamin C will help fight off toxins that cause acne and improve collagen production by combatting free radicals that break down collagen production.



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