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Why We Source from Local Farms + How You Can Too

Farms bring me joy in so many ways. The beautiful herb and flower gardens, open green fields, the happily roaming goats and chickens. I love the city in many ways too, I love people watching and all the awesome local cafe’s and shops. But, we need farms and find it to be such a freeing feeling to spend some time in nature on a farm. My mother and grandfather grew up on an island in Portugal, lived the farm lifestyle, and like me, have a love and appreciation for it till this day. This might be where my fondness of farms originated from. We don’t currently live on a farm but do I live near the beach in Barrington which is one of my favorite places. I love to visit the farms with my kids and incorporate the beautiful benefits of farm fresh ingredients into my business at citron.

Another reason why I love farms is because of the amazing health and environmental benefits:

1. Produce such as herbs, fruits, and vegetables immediately start to lose their nutritional value as soon as they are picked. Buying our herbs from local farms for our seasonal treatments ensures the ingredients are highly nutrient dense and beneficial.

2. It’s much better for the environment to buy locally. It prevents the fossil fuels of transportation that end up producing greenhouse gases.

3. It helps keeps farms in business. If farms go out of business, the land will likely be bought up and used for commercial uses, reducing the biodiversity.

4. Buying anything local helps your local economy thrive. Local farms and other local businesses also create local jobs, which means spending will generally happen within your local community, helping the local economy even more.

Bonus Tip

5. If you can buy local meat all the better as well. Large factories producing meat do not always provide the best living conditions for animals and cannot always promise the meat is free from contamination, whereas smaller farms can pay closer attention to these details.

You can reap all these benefits as well by shopping at local farms and farmers markets. If you visit Farm Fresh RI online you can find some great farmer’s markets near you.

You can experience our farm fresh herbal oils, hydrosols, masks, and scrubs with one of our seasonal facials or body treatments.



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