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The Story of How Citron's Integrative Wellness Mission + Vision Was Created

How it all began...

When I started my esthetics career, I was working in Boston at an Aveda lifestyle salon. I took classes in Ayurveda and received advanced training in a variety of spa therapies. I was so drawn to the relaxation side of what these treatments offered but the setting I was working in was a traditional “salon” spa atmosphere, the music was loud and upbeat, and the sound of chatter and hair dryers filled a large open room with bright lights and colorful walls- which is great for ladies who come in for a fashionable fun hair. I worked on bustling Boylston Street in Boston, which was a lot of fun, but I still loved the more quaint city areas with boutique style shops like Beacon hill.


I began to develop a vision of the rejuvenating and relaxing spa atmosphere I wanted to create. When I began looking at locations, I fell in love with Wayland square in. I lived in Providence while working in Boston for a while and was familiar with the area, it reminded me of Beacon Hill but was closer to home.

A charming little space became available on the corner of Wayland Ave. and the uniquely personal boutique spa, “Citron” was born.


The Vision

Over the years, my vision for citron has evolved, as I have evolved as a person. I first opened citron when I was 29 years old and had my daughters when at 31. Any mom can probably agree that your priorities change once we give birth. I started to have more focus on my own wellness because I now had 2 very big responsibilities. I needed to be the happy, healthy mom my babies needed that also had the energy to care for my business, but I was under a lot of stress and was close to post-partum depression.


This made me become that much more invested in the “health and wellness” aspect of the spa world, and I wanted to incorporate it more into my own life as well as the spa. I saw the wonders our treatments could do for stress relief, rejuvenation, and mind body health and began incorporating those aspects as a main focus. I also enrolled in the Institute of Integrative Nutrition which is a health coaching course that takes an integrative approach to wellness. As I went through the course, I incorporated every wellness technique, healthy eating habit, and self-care exercise that I was being taught and honestly never felt better.


Life was certainly still challenging with two little ones and a business, but I now had a pretty good wellness road map that could (and has) served me for years to come. This outcome became my vision for citron, I wanted to help others in the way I was being helped. It’s been my mission since to incorporate a whole inner/outer mind body approach to the skin care and wellness solutions we offer. Afterall, your skin is simply a reflection of your inner health and wellbeing.


During the covid shutdown, we transformed citron to focus primarily on skin care and wellness. We purchased an infrared sauna that offers 6 different wellness programs- detoxification, anti-aging, relaxation, cardiovascular, pain relief, and weight loss. We also started offering nutritional and probiotic beverages after our facials, body treatments, and sauna sessions, customized aromatherapy, and local herbal skincare and wellness remedies (including a tea bar that is coming in the next couple of weeks).


Another offering we implemented was health coaching- a 6 month program where guests can work one on one with a certified health coach for accountability and support to help reach their health and wellness goals through diet and exercise, stress management, home environment, career, time management and more.


We also developed a weekly educational program for our team that includes skin and product knowledge, but also health and wellness education on topics like gut health and anti-aging foods. Not only do we do these trainings so we can incorporate them into our own lives but to be able to educate our guests on a holistic approach to skin health and wellness.


This is just the tip of the iceberg for our vision and mission, we have lots of ideas for offerings that we plan to roll out will help support you in being your healthiest most radiant self that we can’t wait to share throughout the years to come.



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