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Getting that Yogi Glow

Do you ever notice how your perspective changes so quickly when the little things you’re used to that bring balance in life are temporarily missing?

For instance, I recently hurt my wrists which prevented me from doing yoga for a while. The biggest change I saw physically was in my skin, in addition to being just a liiittle short tempered. Dryness, milia, and the stress that used to disappear through yoga, was now visible in my face. I could see (literally in my skin) how much of a toll the lack of this self-care has taken.

I recently got back on track slowly doing 15 minutes of yoga at home per day and will be starting weekly classes at our neighbors in Wayland Square, Barre & Soul with the girls from our Citron fam. I can’t tell you how needed this is. My skin is already starting to improve, I’m feeling calmer and more in control of my emotions.

I find it interesting; the connection between wellness and glowing skin. Do products help, yes of course! But that deep glow that radiates on your skin is directly linked to what’s going on inside.

Here's why:

  • It’s proven that yoga causes vasodilation which is the enlargement of blood vessels. This actually increases blood flow to the skin, increasing nutrients and oxygen provided. This is what gives your skin that healthy flushing glow.

  • Did you also know that yoga helps improve your body’s digestion and detox? Yep! You know what that means- less toxins that will excrete themselves through your skin, causing acne, clogging and dullness.

  • Stress hormones and frowning can cause wrinkles. Yoga stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system and deep breathing creates space for much needed relaxation.

  • Yoga has been shown to improve tissue aging and antioxidant functioning in the body. Yay!

The top reason why I do yoga is to care for my mental and emotional health but I’m also a visual person. I’m sensitive to esthetics and when I look better, I feel better and when I feel better, I look better. This sense of balance gives me the launchpad every day to pursue my goals, be a better mom and talk to myself in a kinder way.

Maybe we'll see you at Barre & Soul joining us for some mind body rejuvenation!

xo Christina




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