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Essential Oils + How They Enhance Wellness + Beauty

Updated: Apr 5, 2023

What exactly are essential oils?

Essential oils are bottled plant extracts, what could be better, right? Plants are steamed and pressed extracting the compounds that hold their beautiful aromas, then bottled up for us to enjoy and reap the benefits.

So how do they work?

Do you ever notice that certain aromas bring on emotions or maybe remind you of a certain place and time or a specific person? Well, there is actually a science behind that. For me, the most refreshing, uplifting aroma that makes me feel the happiest is anything citrus. So, now you know a little more about our name.

One way you can incorporate essential oils is through your sense of smell.

By inhaling the aroma of essential oils, the scent molecules make their way from the olfactory nerve and travels to our brain, interacting with our limbic system. Our limbic system is the part of our brains that is responsible for our emotional reactions, hormone levels, and our memory.

Another way essential oils work is through absorption.

Once diluted into a carrier oil, essential oils can be applied to the skin and absorbed into the blood steam, reaping specific benefits from each plant. From relieving stress, improving sleep, and boosting energy and focus, there are ways essential oils can be beneficial to your wellness.

Below, I created a short guide to help you choose the right oils for your specific needs.

Some Popular Oils + Their Benefits


Uplifts, Aids Digestion, Deodorizes, Calms, Balances Cravings, Promotes Immunity, Supports Healthy, Cholesterol


Uplifts, Centers, Aids Digestion, Supports Joint Function, Supports Respiration, Promotes Rejuvenation , Supports Heart Wellness

Eucalyptus Supports Respiration, Eases Seasonal Discomfort, Cleans, Promotes Immunity, Eases Itching, Energizes, Relaxes Muscles


Tightens, promotes youthful skin, Promotes Hormone Balance, Detoxifies, Soothes Skin, Minimizes Appearance of Redness, Promotes Healthy Brain Function, Uplifts


Balances Cravings, Supports Healthy Habits, Supports Respiration, Detoxifies, Cleanses Skin, Deodorizes, Tightens


Uplifts, Promotes Brain Health, Soothes Skin, Tightens, Lengthens, Soothes Head Discomfort, Promotes Rest


Brightens, Reduces Appearance of Breakouts, Detoxifies, Eases Seasonal Discomfort, Cleans, Promotes Stomach Wellness, Uplifts


Deodorizes, Cleans, Deters Insects, Detoxifies, Strengthens Hair, Supports Women’s Wellness, Aids Digestion


Promotes Rest, Cleans, Supports Heart Wellness, Brightens Skin Skin, Uplifts, Centers, Promotes Youthful Skin


Relaxes Muscles, Supports Respiration, Eases Seasonal Discomfort, Energizes, Soothes Head Discomfort, Aids Digestion, Lengthens Hair


Lengthens Hair, Strengthens Hair, Promotes Brain Health, Detoxifies, Calms, Thickens Hair, Supports Joint Function


Soothes Head Discomfort, Energizes, Calms, Promotes Circulation, Supports Joint Function, Supports Women's Wellness, Centers


Supports Awareness, Calms, Supports Romantic Feelings, Promotes Youthful Skin, Supports Joint Function, Uplifts, Supports Respiration

Tea tree

Reduces Appearance of Breakouts, Soothes Skin, Eases Itching, Soothes Scalp, Cleanses Skin, Cleans, Supports Respiration

Ylang Ylang

Uplifts, centers, Promotes Youthful Skin, Soothes Scalp, Thickens Hair, Energizes, Supports Romantic Feelings

Try our new Bespoke Aromatherapy Add-On with any facial or body remedy using 100 % pure essential oils sourced from small ethical farms.

Inhale deeply and discover the benefits of aromatherapy. You will be walked through a sensory journey to choose the best aroma to suit your needs. Your chosen oil will then be added to steamed towels and nourishing massage oils throughout your treatment. A take-home essential oil is included.



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