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Don’t get SAD, Get Glowing: How Infrared Saunas + Spa Therapies Combat Winter Blues


Even through the comforting, cozy winter moments of sipping tea by a warm fire, the lack of vitamin D, the rest fatigue from wanting to stayed glued to your couch under your heated blanket, and the daily sleepy state that hits when you feel like it’s 9 pm by late afternoon can start to weigh on us.


The fact is SAD (seasonal affective disorder), is real and is experienced due to lack of sunlight. The effects can include anxiety, feelings of sadness, lack of energy and motivation, social withdrawal, sleeping too much or too little, carb and sugar cravings, and weight gain.


How can infrared sauna may help with SAD?


If you are missing the sun, the infrared sauna is an effective treatment to offset the effects that shorter, darker days can have on our mood.


Our infrared sauna offers a full spectrum of near, mid, and far infrared rays. Far infrared is identical to the sun’s rays, minus the harmful UV’s. So sitting in the sauna tricks the mind into thinking you’ve been sitting on the beach by the sun all day. The brain produces happy chemicals- dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin, and endorphins, just as if you had been soaking up the sun. Not to mention the cleanse of toxins you get from that deep sweat, that could also weighing you down.


Maximize results by combining the infrared sauna with a facial or body treatment


Another benefit of having a sweat session in the infrared sauna in the winter is that near infrared rays help combat dry skin by improving overall skin health, increasing collagen production, increasing blood flow and nutrients to the skin, and firming.


We like to follow that up with a deeply cleansing, rejuvenating facial or body treatment for a full mind body health experience. Our facials and body treatments are wellness focused and result oriented, including stress relieving massage, aroma therapy, and steamed towels that activate the parasympathetic nervous system and produce feel good endorphins. We use clean clinical skincare and local farm fresh ingredients that not only produce visible results but are also healthy for you.

Sorry SAD, we have a recipe for winter happiness.


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