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5 Ways to Achieve Clean Ageless Beauty Naturally

There are many different approaches to achieving beautiful, glowing skin. We have tried many of them at citron and over the years have narrowed in on the products and services that we find produce the best results in a healthy, non-invasive way.

Now, I am not knocking anyone for doing botox or fillers. We have even offered it in the past and I have tried botox myself. But I developed a new perspective around botox began once I received my health education at the Institute of integrative nutrition.

After attending school, I became more aware and focused on a holistic approach to wellness and skin care. I started to understand that you can achieve nourished, glowing skin from the inside out as well as topically. Botox simply won’t address the root cause or give your skin the ultimate effect you are looking for if on the inside you are still feeling stressed, unhappy, and not taking very good care of yourself. Ultimately, these are the deeply rooted factors that truly reflect in the energy and glow we project.

The truth is, sticking to a wellness plan takes work. But if you can make a commitment to yourself by discovering your “why”- maybe you want to be your best self and a good role model for your kids, maybe you see how looking and feeling your best will help you thrive in your career and life, you might want more energy for your grandkids, or to simply feel happier every day.

Once you commit to this level of self-care, you will be able to achieve a deeper wellness and beauty that shines bright without needing to inject lots of toxins into your skin- we get enough of those from non-organic foods, household products, and non-clean skin and body care. The truth is toxins in our bodies can lead to health problems in the long run so if we can limit them and take a healthier holistic approach, you will achieve deeper results by addressing the root cause, and it will show.

5 Ways to Achieve Clean Ageless Beauty Naturally

1. Refresh your skin care rituals with clean products that are focused on anti-aging

The best products for anti-aging include Glo Skin Beauty’s Phyto-Active line. Based on your specific skin-type, we may also recommend products like vitamin c, retinols, and hydration based products like hyaluronic acid. If you would like a personalized clean skincare plan you can either reserve a facial and our estheticians will provide you will a complimentary customized skincare recommendation or you can fill out a virtual skincare consultation form and we will send you a complimentary customized skin care plan through email.

2. Have monthly facials that focus on clean, anti-aging products

Consistency is key with achieving your dream skin and feeling your best. A monthly Glo Ageless Beauty facial includes products formulated specifically for for anti-aging with ingredients like plant stem cells that help your skin produce more collagen, improve elasticity, and firm. The 30, 60, and 90 minute facials all include a level Glo Skin Beauty level one peel, made with Hibiscus flower extract, pumpkin extract, and ficin. The 90 minute Glo Ageless Beaty facial also includes a light therpay session. Light therapy uses LED to provide compromised cells with added energy so the cell’s performance is enhanced such as improving collagen production and elastin, improving fine lines and wrinkles. Facials at citron focus on a holistic approach including relaxation and stress relief through massage as a main component.

3. Have Glo Skin Beauty peels

The acidity of the ingredients in our Glo Skin Beauty Peels change the pH of the skin, loosening the bond between dead skin cells and healthy skin cells. The dead skin is removed and healthy skin is revealed. This promotes the regeneration of new, healthy skin cells. The ingredients used are a combination of fruit extracts, BHA’s (derived from willow bark), and AHA’s (made with water acids from sugary fruits). For the best results, a series of peels is recommended. You begin at a level one and work your way up to a level 5. As you increase in levels, the pH level of the peel decrease, essentially making the peel more effective at removing the bond between old and new skin.

4. Have anti-aging infrared sauna sessions

Near infrared light is used to deliver energy to cells at a wavelength ideal for skin penetration. The fibroblast cells absorb this energy and use it to increase cell turnover and produce more collage and elastin, reducing fine lines and wrinkles and creating plump youthful looking skin.

5. Develop an inner wellness plan

A healthy lifestyle is going to be the foundation and root of your wellness and beauty. Do you know the people you see approaching 70 that look like they are in their 40’S? They are still active, their skin looks great, and they are in great physical shape. This can partially be due to good genes but more times it’s because they took great care of themselves. Aging well needs a holistic approach and doesn’t need to be complicated. Try to stick to the basics- incorporate daily exercise that you enjoy, eat a healthy diet rich in nutrient dense whole foods, make quality sleep a priority, build a healthy support system, and try to stay present in the here and now. If you haven't gotten my free Wellness + Beauty Workbook, it's a good tool to help you get organized and develop your wellness plan.



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