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6 Ways to Detox that Do Not Involve a Juice Cleanse

I hope everyone had an awesome fourth. I spent lots of time with family and friends in between tackling the project of redoing our deck. The fourth of July is definitely a time we let go a little. Maybe enjoy a cocktail or two and grill some burgers while hanging out with some of your favs. Sometimes the celebrations can last a few days if you took some time off from work (I know this was the case for me). As the indulging comes to an end, you might be starting to feel the effects. You may have put on a couple of pounds, feel a little sluggish, and have breakouts popping up. But no need to fret. It is healthy to let go sometimes and just enjoy time with loved ones and the good news is you can easily get back on track. A good first step is a detox plan. You don’t need an extreme juice cleanse to get your body back to a healthy state.

Here are 6 ways you can detox after the fourth.

1. Get back to exercise

Moving our bodies regularly has so many detoxifying benefits. Exercising promotes blood circulation and sweat which helps release toxins. The lymphatic system (our bodies’ detoxification system) performs better as blood flow increases. Moderate exercise done daily will be more effective than working out vigorously once a week. Walking, yoga, swimming, biking, and jogging are some great options.

2. Eat whole, raw foods

Basically, this means eating more raw fruits and vegetables. Increasing the quality nutritional intake your body receives helps the body function better all around. Eating healthily will produce less waste for your lymphatic system to detox. Adding more nutrient dense foods will help crowd out and decrease cravings for the unhealthy processed foods, and foods that are high in salt and sugar, reducing your chances of lymphatic congestion. Some great options that help with lymphatic cleansing are dark green vegetables, chia seeds, herbs, seaweed, ginger, turmeric, citrus fruits, flaxseed, and garlic.

3. Dry brush

Drying brushing before a hot Epson salt bath is one of my favorite ways to detox. Dry brushing helps exfoliate and unclog pores so the Epson salts can penetrate and work their magic. Dry brushing also helps stimulate blood flow and lymphatic drainage. I wrote a little bit about the benefits of dry brushing if you'd like to read more. In need of a dry brush? We carry them at citron or you can order one here: Citron Plant Based Body Brush

4. Drink water

Increasing water intake helps flush out our body’s waste. An important tip is to drink Spring water or water that contains electrolytes. Purified water is stripped of its minerals which will in turn cause the water to draw out our body’s minerals instead, removed during urination, and not replenished. If you are dying of thirst in a hot desert, please drink any type of water you can find. Otherwise, another good option is to add The Beauty Chef Hydration elixir that contains electrolytes and has a refreshing coconut water flavor. I always bring my reusable water bottle pretty much everywhere I go to keep the hydration flowing throughout the day.

5. Detox Infrared Sauna session

Detox Infrared sauna sessions help heat the body from the inside which creates a deep, productive, detoxifying sweat. By releasing these toxins, our lymphatic system will perform better overall. Adding blue light color therapy can also help decrease acne that may have been caused by toxins being excreted through the skin.

6. The Glo Detox Facial

One of the first places we see the effects of poor eating and lifestyle habits is our skin. Our Glo Detox facial helps purify the skin and draws out impurities while replenishing with a dose of hydration. An AHA exfoliation removes deeper levels of dead skin, and a soothing facial massage helps stimulate lymphatic movement. I wrote a blog on the 101 of the Glo Detox Facial, you can read more here: Glo Detox Facial 101.

Happy Detoxing!

xo Christina



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