500 Angell St. Providence RI



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At Citron Spa we seek out talented and experienced Medical Estheticians and Laser Technicians. Our team is truly top notch.



Christina Allen, LME,CLT

Entrepreneur and Chief Executive Officer


      Following her passion for mind and body wellness, Christina harnessed her entrepreneurial spirit to launch a new upscale spa in one of Providence’s most desired neighborhoods, Wayland Square. She draws from more than 12 years as a Master Esthetician in Boston's prestious Back Bay to bring the best- of-breed practices and techniques to the women and men of greater Providence and surrounding communities.

      Christina manages the daily spa operations, oversees staff training and works actively with local business partners to source fresh and natural ingredients for use in spa services. With extensive training at institutions like Catherine Hines Institute of Esthetics, Rob Roy Academy, Empire Beauty School and the Aveda Institute, Christina has a robust backround in the 5,000 year old natural healing Ayurvedic Philosophy and has provided health and wellness services to adults across New England. In addition, she has focused training in cosmetic laser treatments and holds a State Board certification in all intensive pulsed light modalities along with multiple certifications in superficial spider vein removal, laser facial and pigmented lesion removal.

      In Christina’s free time she enjoys spending time with her husband Daniel and their two French bulldogs (Buddha & Julius), playing acoustic guitar, exercising and spending time outdoors.


Lucia Molvig

Chief Financial Officer


Lucia holds a deep background in business finance after more than 20 years in the restaurant management industry. She plays a behind-the-scenes role at Citron Spa and manages financial aspects and business accounts.

Lucia resides in Barrington, Rhode Island with her husband and leads an active lifestyle that includes lots of time with her Great Dane.




Kinsey McClure

Beauty Technician and Special Projects Assistant


Kinsey brings an enthusiastic spirit and lively nature to all that she does. A focused nail and beauty technician, she provides a range of services to all guests of Citron Spa. As special projects assistant, she works directly with CEO Christina Allen on a variety initiatives ranging from guest services to blog writing and special events.

Kinsey resides in North Providence and enjoys running outdoors on her free time. 




Fanny Manzella

Licensed Esthetician, Body Worker, Licensed Massage Therapist


     Raised by artists on a small farm in rural Southeastern MA, Massage Therapist, and Esthetician Fanny Manzella developed a vast knowledge of the botanical world, as well as a great appreciation of aesthetic beauty and design from a very young age. 

     Upon graduating with a Bachelors of Fine Art in Photography from the Massachusetts college of Art and Design in 2007, Fanny refocused her interests on the natural world while privately employed as a gardener. She honed her knowledge of herbals and botanicals while working on an organic farm and Nursery, and as a floral and event designer for several years. Throughout this journey, Fanny also developed a deep belief in the connection between mind, body, and spirit. She began practicing yoga and meditation, weaving aspects of Eastern philosophy and tradition into her life and work.
     After graduating as a duel licensed practitioner from the Elizabeth Grady School of Esthetics and Massage Therapy in 2010 it was her hope to fuse her extensive knowledge of botanicals with her passion for nurturing those in need of care and compassion. Her many areas of expertise include Aromatherapy, Crystal Healing, Swedish, Deep Tissue, Prenatal and Hot Stone Massage as well as Neuromuscular techniques such as Trigger Point and Myofacial therapies. Fanny loves working with clients who crave practical lifestyle solutions for their skin, believing that a balance of proper diet, regular exercise and stress management in harmony with individualized professional and at home care bring about a balance which allows our natural and inherent beauty to shine through.  It is her passion and hope to educate her clients on the importance of self-care in the time honored traditions of hands on healing and sourcing from the earth that which is needed to attain lasting wellness and beauty. 



Joshua Sylvia

Licensed Massage Therapist


“After 11 years as a practicing massage therapist, I have integrated my knowledge of multiple modalities into a relaxing, seamless technique based on the rhythmic flow of Swedish Massage. I focus on relaxation as a primary technique, simply because allowing the body to relax renders the tissue more accepting of a deeper touch. Based on the client’s needs, I will also incorporate Deep Tissue, Thai Massage, Trigger Point/Acupressure Therapy and other modalities into my treatments for a comprehensive heal- ing effect. I believe that physical healing and the body’s immune response are closely related, thus making it critical that I peacefully guide the body into accepting touch, just asyour body would accept a foreign food into its internal ecosystem. There are many aspects of our bodies and human anatomy that science has not yet revealed to us. However, judging by what we do know, we can assume that there is a correlation between our out- ward and inner selves. Knowing this, let’s not try to force the body to submit to us, but instead, let us wait to be received. Massage, after all, is intended to facilitate the body’snatural ability to heal itself. This is why it’s paramount to communicate with your thera- pist any sensation worth noting. Though therapists tend to be quite intuitive, many re- sponses may be occurring at the same time. You may feel a response that seems unrelated to the area of touch, experience a strange emotion, or feel a change in breath, tempera- ture, heart rate, and other symptoms. These things are the little keys to your body, and should be always shared with your therapist. Just as each client has specific needs and concerns, I, too, take a unique and individualized approach to every client. I am open toany requests for specific modalities during your initial consultation.”



Citron Spa is a unique mind, body and soul wellness oasis. Our philosophy: rustic nature meets modern science. Natural experiences have proven to increase feelings of happiness and health and impact levels of satisfaction with one's home, one's job and with life in general. These benefits combined with the results that can be achieved with the advancements in modern science can improve your feelings of confidence and therefore create an overall inner and outer beauty!

We at Citron Spa offer a modern boutique feel, keeping things minimal, easy and clean. Our convenient service menu ranges from the latest cosmetic laser services to natural spa treatments that promote health and wellbeing. We offer Aveda’s product line made with pure plant and flower essences, and specialty treatments offering hand-made creations formulated with natural elements found at local farmer's markets. We are fully committed to medical grade cleanliness, providing peace of mind and comfort to our guests. We are a haven for quiet contemplation or conversation and community. We customize treatments to fit individual needs and encourage our guests in all ways to improve their well-being and quality of life. We have a passion for high standards and superior customer service!