500 Angell St. Providence RI



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Our body rituals are inspired and intended for very specific purposes.  Whether to calm the nervous system, detoxify and slim,improve circulation or awaken the senses, you will return to your day feeling remarkably and exquisitely different. 


Citron Body Bliss


A brisk sea salt exfoliation followed by citrus infused hot towel application. A blend of warm beautifying oil and organic citrus essential oils are then massaged into the scalp and body, refreshing the senses and leaving the skin rejuvenated,moisturized and glowing.


60 min




Caribbean Therapy Body Masque™


Treat dry skin with an all-over, full body dry exfoliation followed by a warm seaweed masque to detoxify the skin. Next, a rich body creme with Caribbean mango, cocoa butter and warm island aromas is applied with a light massage, leaving skin soft and conditioned and senses rejuvenated. The blend of the refreshing island aromas and soothing hot towels transports you to a faraway destination.


60 min




Detoxifying Seaweed Body Wrap


A slimming, remineralizing and calming full body treatment that consists of a mineral-rich seaweed mask combined with a detoxifying sea science rememdy helps improve circulation and eliminates toxins from the body, followed  by an application of hot moist towels. Your body will then be deeply hydrated with warm lotions and a light massage.


60 min
$ 110