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6 health & beauty benefits of lavender

Lavender has many positive effects on the body... Here's a list of just some of it's amazing qualities:

- 1- CALMING - Lavender has a delightful aroma that we all know and love, and rightfully so because it's calming qualities are actually known for treating headaches, anxiety, depression and emotional stress.

- 2 - PEACEFUL NIGHT'S SLEEP - Lavender is ideal for those having trouble falling or staying asleep & actually improves the length and quality of one's sleep cycle!

-3 - HEALING - This beautiful plant contains powerful antiseptic properties and increases cell growth while aiding in scar tissue formation. It is able to heal wounds, cuts, burns and even sunburns rapidly!

- 4 - DIGESTION - Lavender soothes the lining of the digestive tract and increases mobility of the intestines.

- 5 - SKIN - Just like it can be used for scrapes and wounds, lavender can also be used to treat skin disorder such as acne, burns, dry skin, and eczema, it's even an anti-fungal

- 6 - PAIN RELIEF - Lavender provides relief from joint pain, sprains, and sore and tense muscles.